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Social Life in Medieval Karnataka
Complete full-text of Jyotsna Kamat's 1980 book in electronic form; profusely illustrated and cross-referenced.

Culinary Arts
Study of Indian paintings and sculptures reveals India's rich culinary traditions.

Taj Mahal, 350
Enjoy these beautiful pictures of Taj Mahal on the famous building's 350th birthday.

History of Education
Full text of Jyotsna Kamat's book documenting the tradition of education in Karnataka through the centuries; covers Buddhist, Jaina, Hindu, and Islamic educational systems.

Timeline of Indian Art
List of important art movements in Indian history with links to articles and pictures.

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House of Pictures
Photographs and Paintings

A Hand-made Bamboo Cradle
Artifact from Shashwati Women's Museum
Bamboo Cradle
Baby Crib Decorations
Cradle Decoratorations

Furniture from Mysore Palace
Game Table
Royal Furniture from India
A Wooden Sofa
Mysore Palace, Mysore

Ancient Beds
llustration based on descriptions in ancient literature
Historical Artifacts
Cradle Furniture
Cradle for Baby Krishna
Paratgali Museum Collection, Goa

Reclining Woman on a Luxurious Sofa
Detail from a Tiruppavai illustration, 19th century
Antique Funtiture of India
Really Durable Sofa!
Man Relaxing on a Stone Sofa
The village of Kurudumale, Karnataka

Men Involved in a Tussle Depciting Deshakshiraga
Painting from Sritatwanidhi illustrated mauscript
Warriors with Swords
Gudigar Artisans
A Gudigar (Craftsman) at Work
Artisan using a hand-drill for delicate carvings

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Articles and Table of Contents

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