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Mysticism in India
Article exploring mysticism in Indian culture; saints of Sufism and bridal mysticism

Martyrdom of Sardar Bhagat Singh
Translated radio feature on the martyrdom of Bhagat Singh.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose
Biography of Subhas Chandra Bose, a revolutinary leader of India.

Freedom Fighters of Karnataka
In fighting for freedom of India, these leaders in fact fought for unification of Karnataka.

Bhikaji Cama and the Indian Tricolor
The incredible story of Madam Bhikaji Cama and the first unfurling of India's national flag.

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House of Pictures
Photographs and Paintings

Stamp of Salt Satyagraha
Gandhi Makes Salt
Gypsy Woman
Lambani Woman on way to Marketplace

Lambani Woman on way to Marketplace
Gypsy Woman
Festivals of India
"Navarathri Greetings".
Sri Circle Maramma Temple, Malleswaram

Festival of Forgiveness
Jains observe Samvatsari by asking for forgiveness and accepting the apologies offered.
Samvatsari Festival
Illustrated Manuscript
Peacocks in the Forest
Detail from a Mogul period painting

A Sculpture of Lord Shiva
Shiva with twelve arms -- sculpture from Himalayan valley
Sculptures of India
Indian Railways
National Railway Museum

National Railway Museum
New Delhi, India
Indian Railways
Pictures of India
A Man in Uncut Hair
Portrait of a snake charmer, Udrandsi

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