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The Puppeteers
Article on the traveling puppeteers of India, and their art; includes pictures of a number of painted leather puppets.

Bengali Theater
A brief history of stage in Bengal, including Tagore's influence on it.

The Chhau Dance
Article on a heroic dance performed in honor of sun god (Surya) that is prevalent in Bengal and Orissa

Appeasing God
An insider's guide to understanding the elements of devotion and faith in India; includes details of what the devotees do to earn divine favors.

50 Years of Kamat
Photographs marking the 50 years of amateur photography by humanist Krishnanand Kamat.

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House of Pictures
Photographs and Paintings

Vikas in Sriranganatha Swamy Temple
Srirangapatna, Mandya District, 2007
India Trip 2007
Kusuma Sorab of Snehakunja
Multi-faceted Leader Kusuma Sorab
The village of Kasarkod, Honavar

A Memorial of Madhya Pradesh
Notice in tha panel -- the woman is giving a foot-massage to the reclining man
Memorials of Central India
Painter Mukta Venkatesh
Mrs. Mukta Ventakesh at Work

A Goddess of Sex Ritual
An ancient tantric icon dumped in the attic at Kolaramma temple, Kolar in Karnataka
Tantric Goddess
Krishna, Radha, and Cows
Kirshna Lost in Romance
Krishna and Radha in a North Indian miniature painting

Black and White Conjugation
Painting shows the union of a dark man and a fair woman
Black and White Sex
The Festival of Rama
Ram Mela Festival
Bodus bullock cart, Jobnair, 1967

Vagabond Beggar with String Instrument
The village of Shetgeri, Uttara Kannada
Glimpses of Rural India
Indian Graffiti
A Warning to the Public by a Private Party
The sign in Kannada reads --" Here stands the Monkey God of Education. Anybody who attends nature's calls here will be fined and prosecuted".

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