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Information for advertisers on how to advertise on Kamat's Potpourri website. Includes details on "Bottom-of-the-page" text messages.

Physical Education
Chapter on physical education in medieval South India from the book "Education in Karnataka through the ages" by Jyotsna Kamat

Malleswaram Miscellany
Pictures of an old Bangalore neighborhood with its traditional people, eateries, markets, and streets.

Mangalore City
A pictorial tour of Mangalore city including its famous temples, old houses, and cultural attractions.

Remembering Illustrated Weekly
Article remembering the glory days of India's premier weekly during 1970s and 80s. Includes links to abstracts of many important special issues.

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House of Pictures
Photographs and Paintings

Black, Indian, and Hindu!
Notice the Mangalasutra (black beads) and the Holy Dot
Black, Indian, and a Hindu
The One Legged Typist
The One Legged Typist
A young boy fascinated by the typing machine, tries the keystrokes.

The Shelter and The Shelterless
Homeless man sleeping on the street. In the backdrop is the grandeur of a palace.
Indian Extremities
Duryodhana Does Underwater Yoga
Duryodhana Hiding Under Water
Picture from an Illustrated Manuscript
Notice his holding of the breath and the fish under the water -- Gokarn Paratkal Muth Collection, Goa

The Human Cargo Carrier
Boy with heavy load crosses train tracks, Himachal Pradesh
Real Jobs
Real Jobs
How to Balance Bicycle, a Can of Milk and an Umbrella
Milk is delivered to door everyday in India. Just because it rains, doesn't mean your child should go without milk.

Laboror Carrying Heavy Weight
The narrow roads of the great Himalayan valley pose a special challenges to carry large loads.
Real Jobs
Real Jobs
Long Before Kitchenmate, There Was the Grinding Stone
Woman hand grinding spices to make curry. The town of Honavar

"How many bricks can you carry?"
Laborer in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Real Survivors
A Farmer Goes to Work
Farmer Carrying Plough to the Fields
The Village of Plassey, West Bengal

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