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The History, Mystery, and Diversity of India

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Indira Gandhi
Biography of Indira Gandhi, Prime-minister and important woman leader of India, her successes, failures, and legacy.

Interview with a Boy Ascetic
"Why did God create evil ?" -- Interview with a teenaged boy at Mayapur, West Bengal provides interesting perspectives on Communism, Naxalite Movement, and religion.

Ganesh Burde Centennial
Jyotsna Kamat pays tribute to her father Ganesh Burde on the occasion of his birth centennial.

Hindustani Music
A comprehensive lesson in learning to appreciate Hindustani classical music.

The Indian Kitchen
Photographic exhibition of diverse kitchens of India, and a commentary on the subtle stories they tell.

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House of Pictures
Photographs and Paintings

Detail from a Hero-stone Memorial
Town of Keladi, Karnataka
Sculpted Memorial Stone
Swastika from a Cave Shelter
Swastika ?
Restored cave shelter art from Kharvai. Early historic period

Birds as Drawn by Early Humans
Birds depcited in hunting rituals
Paintings of Birds
Himalayan Vista
View of an Himalayan Peak
Town of Nilkanth, on way to Badrinath

Artist Uday Shankar
A great dancer and choreographer, Shankar developed and promoted many lesser known forms of dances of India
Uday Shankar (1900-1977)
Stamp Honoring Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa
Detail from a first day envelope featuring Mother Teresa

Tiruppavai Illustration Showing Marriage of Krishna and Andal
Notice the Vedic rites and presence of Brahma, and Shiva
Andal as Krishna`s Bride
Tower and Wall of Durga Temple
Temple of Goddess Durga

Crowded Rickshaw Carrying School Children
Uniformed pupils being driven to school in an auto-rickshaw
On Way to School
Red Sand Stone Palace
Lalgarh Palace Decor
Junagadh Fort, Rajasthan

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