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How We Do It
Learn the technology and effort behind this website, take a look at the Kamats at work and read the stories behind the stories.

Path of Devotion
Explore the Bhakti movement in India including the important proponents. A supplemental photo exhibition shows devout Indians at worship.

Indian Mythologies
Pictures and tales from the Indian mythologies including Hindu epics of Mahabharata, Ramayana

Sages, Sadhus, and Swamis
A classification of the holy men of India. Also a fascinating potpourri of pictures

Gatekeeper in Indian Art
The Dwarapalakas decorate and protect the entrances of temples in India. Online exhibition of pictures and an essay

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House of Pictures
Photographs and Paintings

The Blow Horn Dancer
Pungi Kunita -- The Dance with Blow Horn
Folk Artist
Portrait of a Bharatanatyam Dancer
The "Fish Eyes"
A Bharatanatyam dancer strikes a pose

The Colors of India
Man belonging to the Budabudakiyavaru community. Note the ash on his forehead and beads around the neck.
Man in Red Rumal
Goddess Kali
The Fearsome Blue
Painting of Goddess Kali tearing apart the evil demon

Raw Colors of the Wild
Picture of wild fruit in Kodachadri forest
Picture of Wild Fruit
Classical Dancer
An Odissi Dancer
A classical dancer strikes pose

Classical Colors
Portrait of Odissi classical dancer
Odissi Dancer
Handicrafts of Sondur
Nomadic Colors
An handicraft belonging to the nomadic tribe of Lambanis.

Pillow Cover Embedded with Mirrors
An handicraft belonging to the nomadic tribe of Lambanis
Handicrafts of Sondur
Kamat Working with India Ink
K. L. Kamat at Work
Camp Chindwada in Madhya Pradesh

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Articles and Table of Contents

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