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Shivaram Karanth
Profile of Shivaram Karanth, a multi-faceted genius of the 20th century.

Welcome to India!
An introduction to the complexity and diversity of Indian society and culture.

Indigenous Indians
Primary sources such as diary entries, letters, sketches, and photographs documenting the various tribes of India.

Prehistoric India
Life, animals, and expressions depicted in prehistoric cave-shelter paintings of India. Illustrations by K.L.Kamat.

How I wrote 'Gita-Rahasya'
Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak writes that "Gita does not preach renunciation". He says Gita preaches action, and asks everyone to study Gita for its philosophical beauty.

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House of Pictures
Photographs and Paintings

'Vali Bhajji' (Basale Soppu) is a popular green vegetable among Konkanis
Vegetables of Konkan Region
Erotic Sculpture of Goa
Erotica from a Chariot Carving
Government Museum collection, Panajim

S.L. Bhyrappa the Researcher
Extensive research marks the historical anectodes in Bhyarappa's novels.
Indian Novelis S.L. Bhyrappa
Activities of Kamat Foundation
Jyotsna Kamat Welcoming Guests
Auditorium of New English School, Honavar, October 2006

Writer S.V. Ranganna
Prof. Ranganna was a English professor in Mysore University who translated many English works into Kannada language
S.V. Ranganna
Art of G.S.Shenoy
Painting by G.S. Shenoy

Teacher S.G. Kasarkod
Kasarkod taught English language and was a dedicated teacher
Teachers of New English School
The Class of 1952
The S.S.C Class of 1952
The 1952 graduating class of New English School, Honavar

D.M. Soukur
Teachers of New English School
Young Cricketers
Members of a Cricket Team
College Ground, Honavar, circa 1990

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