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Temples of Orissa
Article covering the great temples of Orissa such as Jagannath temple, Lingaraja temple, and Konark family of temples.

Temples of Karnataka
A comprehensive survey of great temples of Karnataka with the dates of their construction and geography.

Mahabharat Epic
An introduction to the Indian epic Mahabharat that has inspired art, literature, battles, relationships, and philosophy.

St. Francis Xavier
The body of St. Francis Xavier kept in the Bom Jesus church of Goa is a popular place of visit due to the legendary miracles and the beauty of the accompanying artifacts.

20th Century Families
Photographs of the joint-family system of India when extended family operated as an atomic unit.

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House of Pictures
Photographs and Paintings

The Guava Fruit
Tropical Fruits ofIndia
The Ashwatha Tree
Worshipping of Ashwatha Tree
Detail from an Indian painting

Bhimsen joshi
Pandit Bhimsen Joshi
Indian Antiques
Brass Artifacts

The Pakhawaz Percussion Instrument
Indian two headed drum used in classical music
Musical Instruments
Indian Musical Instruments
Sarangi Musical Instrument

Yudhishtira taking bullocks to the fields
Painted Leather Puppet, Karnataka
Painted Puppets
My Days in All India Radio
Shivaram Karanth and Jyotsna Kamat
Sasya Sanjivini, Bengaluru

Sasya Sanjivini Programme
My Days with A.I.R.
My Days with All India Radio
Building of All India Radio

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