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Indian Womanhood
English translation of Jyotsna Kamat's research book on Indian women covering worship of women, Sati system, and education of women in ancient India.

19th Century India
The study of 19th century India is important because it provides a glimpse of India in earlier centuries.

Insect Societies
Through caricatures, Dr. Kamat humanizes the world of insects.

Servants of God
Article on the history of the Devadasi system of India where women served in temples as courtesans and artists.

Animal Motifs
Collection of pictures showing animal life as depicted in ancient and not-so-ancient Indian art.

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House of Pictures
Photographs and Paintings

A Priest at an Ayudha Puja Ceremony
Ayudha Puja Festival
A Still from Pakeezah, 1972
Ashok Kumar and Meena Kumari in Pakeezah

Students in Computer Lab.
Town of Honavar, Year 2007
New English School
Konkani Association of Kumta College
Jyotsna Kamat Inaugurating the Konkani Association
A.V. Baliga College of Arts & Science, Kumta, 2007

With Guests Gathered for Inauguration of Kamat Library
Inauguration of "Krishna-Kalpa"
Group Sex in Indian Art
One Man, Many Women
The author feels that much of the erotic art of India is simply "art", without connotations of sacredness as is believed.

A Wedding Party of Kadu Kuruba Tribe
H.D. Kote, Year 1991
Kadu Kuruba Community
Activities of Kamat Foundation
An Exhibition of Kamat's Photographs
August 2006, Honavar

Narasimha -- Half Lion, Half Man
Sculpture shows Lord Vishnu ripping open Hiranyakashapu's body
Vishnu as Lion
Patrons, Kings, and Saints
Detail from a Painted Wooden Panel
Ittigegud Temple, Mysore

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