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Castes of Ramayana
A complete list of professions mentioned in Ramayana provides insight into the caste system of India.

The Virashaivas
Section on the Virashaiva community explores the history, heritage of followers of revolutionary sage Basaveshwara.

Goa's Freedom Fight
Pictures and stories of Goa's struggle for freedom from Portugal and her integration with rest of India.

The Supa Shastra
Study of the classic "Supa Shastra" of Mangarasa is fascinating for the elabortae recipies of ancient India.

Indian Eateries
Series of pictures on common eateries of India. See where India eats!

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House of Pictures
Photographs and Paintings

Horizontal and Vertical Markings
The distinctive head markings (namas) identify the sects of Hinduism. Shaivites paint bands across their foreheads (left). Vaishnavites, adherents of Vishnu, wear three vertical lines (right).
Distinctive Head Markings
Women`s Museum Collection
The Mother of God
Portrait of Mayadevi, the mother of Buddha
Shashwati Women's Museum Collection

Kamadhenu the Wish Fulfilling Cow
Shashwati Museum Collection
Women`s Museum Collection
Women`s Museum Collection
The Suckling Child --Embroidered Work
Shashwati Women's Museum Collection

A Toy Cradle
Shashwati Women's Museum Collection, Bangalore
Women`s Museum Collection
Shashwati Women's Museum Collection, Bangalore

Medieval Women Engaged in Personal Grooming
Illustrations based on medieval sculptures show different types of mirrors and women in their vanities
Social Life in Medieval Karnataka
C.N. Mangala with Jyotsna
Prof. C.N. Mangala with Jyotsna Kamat
Chi.Na.Mangala (left) was responsible for establishing the Shashwati Women's Museum Collection at the N.M.K.R.V. College in Bangalore, where she served as educator for many years.

Love, like liquor, intoxicates!
Illustration from Telugu text Ragamalika
Erotic Paintings
Temple Town of Udupi
Temple Chariot, Udupi

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