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Tribal World of Elwin
Story of a missionary who came to India to banish the "spiritual darkness" of the tribals. He banished the darkness about them as well.

The Kulavis
Pictures of a type head-gear popular in medieval India during the Vijayanagar period.

The Kudubi Community
Article and pictures of Kudubi tribe who speak Konkani language and worship Mallikarjuna of Cannecone.

Kavi Art of Coastal Karnataka
Article and a number of pictures on the durable form of monochrome art known as the Kavi Art prevalent on the Indian West-coast.

Murals of Karnataka
Historical murals found in different parts of Karnataka depict period culture and values. Article with techniques and examples.

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House of Pictures
Photographs and Paintings

Coins from Ancient India
Coins belonging to Chutukulanand period
Historical Artifacts
Musical Instruments
Man Playing Dhak Instrument, Eastern India

Temple Drummer, Udupi
A temple worker invokes the deity for blessings
Call for Prayer
Jaina Fine Arts
Example of Jain Fine Art
Detail from a Wall Painting in a Jain Muth, Sravanabelagola.

Portrait of Painter Lakshmaiah
Portraits from the Mysore Jaganmohan palace
Artist of Old Mysore
Mysore Portraitures
Wrestler Tukadidar Rama Jatti

Festival Drum Beaters
Car festival of Honavar, 2005
Drum Beating in Celebration
Kathakkali Dancer, Kerala
Kathakkali Dancer, Kerala

A School in Ancient India
Illustration by B.K. Mitra for Kalyan Magazine shows students and animals in harmony with nature
Ancient Gurukul
Garuda and Vishnu
Garuda Carrying Lord Vishnu
Kavi art (red graffitto art) from a temple in the village of Hosad

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Stories and Indices
Articles and Table of Contents

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