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Genitalia Worship
Indians have worshipped the sexual organs for centuries. Pictures of the Linga mystique.

Mortal Women and Celestial Lovers
Article on glorification of womanhood in Indian art.

Beauties of Khajuraho
The temples of Khajuraho built in the tenth century contain stunningly explicit sexual sculptures.

Make Your Own PhotoQuilts
If you have seen and admired our PhotoQuilts, now you can make your own! Convert a favorite photograph of yourself or your child into a stunning PhotoQuilt using our photographs.

Alamkara - 5000 Years of Indian Art
Online exhibit exploring the notion of ornamentation in Indian art in domestic, religious and courtly settings.

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House of Pictures
Photographs and Paintings

Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi
Painting by Vikas Kamat. Acrylic on canvas, 2003
Mahatma Gandhi
A Shepherds of the Jungle
Man Belonging to the Kadu Kuruba Tribe
The town of H.D. Kote, Karnataka

Woman who delivers everyday!
Picture of a post-woman, Bangalore
Picture of a door-delivery Post-woman
Tools of
Kamat`s 1959 Remington Typewriter

Woman Artist
Watercolor painting by K.L. Kamat
Watercolor Painting by K. L. Kamat
A Vaishnava Brahmin
Vaishnavite Brahmin
Illustration from Mysore Palace archive. The Vaishnavas follow Lord Vishnu and his avatars

Brahmins Bathing in public Tap
Jaipur, Rajasthan
Bathing Brahmins
Upanayanam of a Vatu
The monkhood of a Brahmin boy

A South Indian Brahmin
A Tamil Brahmin going over the scriptures while running an errand
A Quick Refresh of Scriptures
A Young Brahmin Student
A Young Brahmin Priest at a Gurukul
The temple town of Udupi, Karnataka

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