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Kamat's Insects
Have you ever pondered that the insects, just like us humans, are heirs to the resources of planet earth and deserve a fundamental opportunity to live?

The Brahmins
Potpourri of topics on the various brahmin communities of India; includes a number of pictures and a comprehensive list of priestly communities.

Honeymoon in Kashmir
Kamat was caught without a camera during in honeymoon in the picturesque state of Kashmir. What did he do?

Sculptures of India
This section at Kamat's Potpourri is the largest single source you will find on the sculptures of India. Kamat has photographed and studied them since his teenage years and amassed an unbelievable collection on the topic.

Congress Archive
Rare pictures and artifacts from the archives of Indian National Congress. A pictorial story of India's freedom struggle.

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House of Pictures
Photographs and Paintings

When the Tiger Attacked
16th Century sculpture from Bhatkal
Vijayananagar Period Sculpture
Bhatkal Temple
Entrance to Khetapai Narayan Temple
The town of Bhatkal, Uttara Kannada in Karnataka

View of the Bhatkal River
View of the Bhatkal river from the light house hill
Bhaktal River
Arts of Bangalore
Panel Art Featuring Warriors
Panel art on the outer wall of Ravindra Kalakshetra, Bangalore

A Literate Man Reads Political News to an Illiterate Friend
Waterboard Road, Bangalore, 1999
Early Morning Bangalore
Candid Shots of Bangalore
Complaining about respective Daughter-in-laws?!
Two eldely ladies exchange family welfare, Bangalore

Shiva and his bull vehicle Nandi
Lord Shiva of Badami
Pregnant Indian Woman in Sari
There's No Such Thing as a Maternity Saree
Because the saree is unstitched piece of cloth, no special clothes are required during pregnancy

Ancient Sculpture shows Milk Products being Transported
Detail from medieval wooden sculpture in a Goan monastery
Ancient Milk Vendors
Lepakshi Temple Painting
A Painting of Vijayanagar period

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