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The Milkmaid (Gouli), The Village of Kansur
"I asked the lady to expose her ornaments but was surprised when she unbuttoned her blouse! -- Perhaps blouse is just another ornament for her." - Photographer
Stories Behind Pictures
Wife of the Village Chief
Patel's Wife in the village of Modnar
Muscles and tattoes of a tribal Woman, Madhya Pradesh, 1977

Ti. Nam. Shreekantaiya at Kumta
Picture Taken 1954 Kannada Literary Conference in Kumta

Prof. V. Seetaramaish
Picture Taken 1954 Kannada Literary Conference in Kumta

Saree Art
Kamat's Painting on Jyotsna's silk saree based on a design from a cave ceiling in Ajanta
Saree Art

K. L. Kamat at Work
Kamat was an expert illustrator

Kamat Family Enjoying Kamat Pictures
Photograph shows Laxman (Grandpa) Kamat and Sumitra Kamat enjoying Kamat's early photographs
Early Admirers of Kamat`s Photography
Kamat Family Album
A Father and a Daughter Share a Light Moment
Inside a Konkani Household, 1967

Passion for Photography
A bunch of keys is a enough for Kamat to start clicking!
Photograph of Keys

Jyotsna Interviewing a Woman from Herangadi

Information Gathering
Shown above: Dr. R. Seshasatry, collecting information in the field from a villager
Behind the Scenes

A Sample of one of Kamat`s Letter

High-tech using Low-tech
Weekly consignment of content arriving at Kamat residence
Behind the Scenes at Kamat.com
Behind the scenes at Kamat`s Potpourri
Pages from Kamat's Diary
Wherever photography was not possible, Kamat has used sketches and line drawings to document his field studies

A Student for Lifetime
Jyotsna Kamat making notes for a research paper.

"Can you ID this Bappa?"
Hiryoung and Vikas organizing the contents and asking Krishna for a clarification. December 2000

Map Showing Gundabala
Kamat`s hand-drawn map showing the village of Gundabala and its neighborhood. Keen observation and elaborate documentation has been Kamat`s forte.
Kamat Greenroom
Kamats of Kamats` Potpourri
Long time before XML/RPC, there was Post Office!
Kamat mails a content consignment at the Malleswaram Post Office (December 2000). We have relied heavily on the Indian and United States Postal Systems for mailing of our pictures and stories.

Tattoos of the Baiga Tribe
Whenever photography was not possible, Kamat has documented the 20th Century India in his illustrations and letters.
Tribal Tattoo Designs
Kamat`s Diaries
A Page from Kamat's Diary
A page entry shows the location of the cave shelters at Bhimbetka

The Kamat Picture Retrieval System!
Picture shows film reels and the tiny pieces of paper wrapped around the film reels. Over 200,000 pictures covering priceless moments of Indian life are stored this way.
Kamat Greenroom
The Content in Golden Envelope
Example of a Kamat Content Dispatch
We have relied heavily on the Indian and United States Postal Systems for mailing of our pictures and stories

Kamat's First Photograph
Picture of the Redkar family members taken on November 04, 1949
50 Years of Kamat`s Photography
50 Years of Kamat`s Photography
The S.S.C Class of 1952
The 1952 graduating class of New English School, Honavar

Prof. A. N. Moorthy Rao
As a boy, Kamat photographed famous personalities during the 1952 Kumta Sahitya Sammelan
50 Years of Kamat`s Photography
50 Years of Kamat`s Photography
Butter Boy!
Picture of Pradeep Kamat, 1969

Best Friends
50 Years of Kamat`s Photography

Screen Capture of Kamat Content CrowBot

Stacked up Diaries of Kamat
Throughout his travels, Kamat has meticulously documented his studies of India.
Kamat`s Diaries

Cameras in Kamat's Safe

Kashmir in Fountain Pen
When Kamat did not have a camera, he had a pen to document the memories
Kamat`s Diaries
Kamat`s Diaries
A Diary of Imagination
Shown above, Kamat has illustrated an imaginary dance of the insects.

Life Inspires Art
Kamat's diaries are sometimes illustrated, possibly inspired by nature which was his true love.
Kamat`s Diaries
Kamat`s Diaries
Traditional Kashmiri Hukka

Catalog of Tribal Jewelry
When photography was not possible, Kamat has hand-drawn the artifacts
Kamat`s Diaries
Kamat`s Diaries
Types of Combs
Combs are used as a symbol of love among some tribes of India

Pages from Kamat's Diary
Some pages are annotated with actual photographs that he contact-printed
Kamat`s Diaries
Kamat`s Diaries
Detail of a Page from Kamat's Diary
Some pages are annotated with actual photographs that he contact-printed

Map of Khajuraho
A page from Kamat's diary showing a hand-drawn map of Khajuraho town.
Kamats`s Diaries
Kamat`s Diaries
A Photographer's Diary
This page lists the reel number, date of the photograph, and contents of the reel

Photography as a means of Duplication
Before the photocopying technology arrived in India, Kamat used photography as a duplicating medium. Shown here is the floor-plan of Kamat home.
Photography as Photocopy
A Frog Playing Music
Deepavali Greetings
A sketch by K. L. Kamat

Amma And Gindi, Oct 16, 1975
Mrs. Kamat and Vikas Kamat
Finding a New Path
Jyotsna Crossing Amdayi River
Jyotsna crossing a river in the forests of Central India to study tribal women

Kamat`s 1959 Remington Typewriter
Tools of Kamat.com
Illustration of Tribal Life
Tribal World of K. L. Kamat
Cataloging the illustrations of Kamat on tribal life and their relationship to the ancient man

Kamat Practising Calligraphy?
Kamat had a very small, almost illegible handwriting. Was this an attempt to improve it?
Kamat`s Diaries
Unpublished Cover of Kalaranga Book
A Draft Sketch of a Cover Page
A half-complete sketch of Kamat's Book "KalaRanga"

Cover of Uttara Kannada Album
While in college, one semester Vikas came home to thousands of pictures of Uttara Kannada district scattered all over the house. He painted a cover page (above) and spiral bound them into an album.
Album Cover
Hamsa Bird of Ajanta
Bird from Ajanta
This bird derived from a cave painting in Ajanta, went on to grace Jyotsna's saree

Tour of India in Photo-Stubs
Prototype page of what eventually became Kamat's Potpourri
Prototype of Kamat`s Potpourri 1995
Early Prototype of Kamat's Potpourri (1995)

Krishna Fighting Surpent Kaliya
Sketch by K.L. Kamat, Fountain pen on paper, 1954
Kaliya Mardan by Kamat
50 Years of Kamat
Young and Goofy
Picture of Pradeep Kamat

Camera Kubja
Prototype of a photography project by Kamat
Camera Trickster
Animals in Geometry
An Unfinished Geometric Sketch
Pencil/watercolor on Paper, K.L.Kamat, 1953

Prototype of a Incomplete Project
A moth eaten prototype of a project
Kamat Prototype
Kamat`s Early Photography
Students on a country-boat, Baitkhol Bay
Photograph by Kamat, 1959

Kamat and Friends at Kemmannugundi
L to R: .R.N. Desai, K.L. Kamat, R.M. Patil. Photograph by V.K. Deshpande, 1960
Kamat`s Early Photography
Kamat`s Early Photographs
Friends of Kamats on a Field Trip
Photograph by Kamat, Karwar Beach, 1959

Picture of Baban Nadkarni
Photograph by Kamat, 1961, Dharwad University Campus
50 Years of Kamat`s Photography
Kamat`s Early Photography
Zoology Department of Karnatak College
A photograph taken by Kamat in 1956

Kamat's First Camera
Kamat`s Cameras
Unprocessed Contents
Basava's Flower
Kamat's photograph prepared for an article in Sudha Weekly


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