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Education in Karnataka through the Ages

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Education of a Muslim Prince
Picture courtesy: Archaeological survey of India
Education in Ancient India
Romancing the Teacher
The Romance of Champavati and Poet Billana

Embroidery on the Cover of a Palm-leaf Book
Medieval palm leaf books were nicely bound with elaborately decorated cover pages. The title was written in big letters so the readers can locate them easily
Education in Ancient India
Education in Ancient India
Decorated Chapter Separator of Ancient Textbook
This Jain text has designs made just with lines and small curves.

The Grinthapathana
Reciting of scriptures was a required education among the learned classes in India.
Education in Ancient India
Education in Ancient India
The Wife of a Scholar
A woman helping her scholar husband with texts. It is uncommon to find illustrations of women engaged in higher study in ancient India.

The Uninterested Wife!
Reading books with husband! -- illustration depicts a woman having a difficult time to understand a book. She was probably coerced into taking up this study by her husband.
Education in Ancient India
Education in Ancient India
Picture of a Boy Writing

Writing Woman, Hoysala period
Illustration shows a medieval woman writing.
Education in Ancient India
Education in Ancient India
A Teacher Explaining

A Scholar of Koran
Picture of a Maulvi (Islamic scholar)
Islamic Education in India
Education of Women
Education of Women
Illustration shows teacher asking questions and girls competing to answer them

A Copyist
Picture of a "Lipikar", based on a sculpture at Keshava temple at Somanathapur
Copying of Textbooks
Preservation of Manuscripts
Jain Ascetic Shubhachandra
To the right is a box in which palm-leaf manuscripts are kept

Prince being Trained in Sword Wielding
Illustration shows a teacher tuning the posture of a student while using two swords
Sword Wileding
Horse Mounted Sports
Javelin Throw

Dictation to a Secretary (?)
Illustration from Sougandhika Parinaya lithograph, 19th century
Dictating a Clerk
Copywriting Professional
A Hand-copier or an Official Writer
Illustration from Sougandhika Parinaya lithograph, 19th century

"Education is a tool to moksha"
A Jaina preacher explains the doctrine to lay people
Education in Ancient India
Palm-leaf Textbooks
Palm-leaf Texts
A decorated steel pen (kanta):this was used to write on palm leaves(left).

Cover Pages of Palm-leaf Texts
Palm-leaf Books
Animal Motifs in Palm-leaf Texts
Animal Motifs from Textbooks

Complex Circular Designs
Illustration shows use of compasses to draw circles on palm-leaf
Geometry Textbook (?)
Illustrated Palm-leaf Manuscript
Depiction of Lord Ganesh on a palm-leaf

Buddhist students on way to fetch water
Buddhist System of Education
At a Ghatikasthana
A Time-keeping Volunteer at the Ghatika

A Ball Game
Education of Royals
Medieval Toys
Boy Playig with a Wooden Horse

A Buddhist Student
Writing styles -- today calligraphy is still taught on a slate, which is an inch wide and an arm long. The pen is made with bamboo and black ink is used.
Buddhist System of Education
Physical Education
Training in the use of Gada (mace)

Archery Lesson
Illustration depicting a lesson in archery
Taking an Aim
Buddhist System of Education
Student and teacher:- a teacher corrects the handwriting and calligraphic style of a student in a Buddhist school

Veena Training for the Princess
Music Education
Jaina Education
Jaina teacher and disciples
Jaina students devotedly listen to an ascetic teacher under the shade of a tree

Stick Aerobics (kola-ta)
Tricks with Stricks
Physical Education
Girls Engaged in Stick Aerobics

A Student-ascetic
Notice his stool to keep the textbook.
Jaina Education System
Education in Karnataka
An Elder Engaged in Study

A Student of Music Practices
Music Education
Education System in Karnataka
Woman Reading Palm-leaf Text

Students at Group Study
History of Education
Islamic Student
A Student holding a Book

Boy at a Islamic School
17th century illustration
A Student of Islam
Islamic Education
Punishment of a Pupil
Detail from a 17th century illustration

Asri Mahal Library after Aurangjeb conquered Bijapur
Asri Mahal hitherto served as a great archive of Arabian and Persian literature, and was looted/destroyed. It is hard to describe the impact this library-destruction had on Indian history.
Asri Mahal Library
Wrestling School
At the Wrestling School
Illustration depicts puzzled look on the students

Medieval Wrestlers
Physical Training
Physical Education
Physical Conditioning


Kamat's Potpourri Education in Karnataka through the Ages

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