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Erotic Arts of India Collection

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Lajja Gowri: Deity of Fertility
Andhra Pradesh, South India
Deity of Fertility
Erotica of Badami
Romance of Uma and Shiva
Detail from a Badami sculpture

A Stone Sculpture of Lajja Gowri
Sculpture near Mahakoota, near Badami
The Lajja Gowri Occult
Erotica in Chalukyan Art
Amorous Couple, Aihole
Sculpture from circa 7th century A.D.

Man Disturbs Wife Busy at Work
Derail from a wooden panel of a temple chariot, Gunavante village
Ancient Erotica
Lajja Gowri Sculpture
Lajja Gowri as the Deity of Fertility

Man Fondles Wife
Badami sculpture
Romance of Commoners
Erotic Paintings
Women in Embrace

Medieval Workplace Harassment!
Man attempts to mount a woman while she milks a cow ! Sculpture from Nad-kalase
Mischief in the Cowshed
Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalase
Preparing for Congugation
A woman prepares for conjugation by applying home-made lubricants

A Woman Lets a Monkey Taste her Body Fluids
Detail from a temple sculpture in Nad-Kalse
Bestiality in Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalse
Group Sex in Indian Art
How to Fit Four on a Single Bed
Detail from a sculpture in Nad-kalse shows four people performing sexual acts on a bed while another is under the bed

The Seduction of Shiva
Parvati with drinking bowl in her hand. Badami sculpture
Sculpture of Badami
Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalse
Homosexual Men Making Merry
Detail from a sculpture from Karnataka

Woman Performing Fellatio
Sculpture from Nad-kalese
Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalse
Erotic Arts of India
"Removal of Clothes is Optional"
Couple making love with clothes on. Detail from a wall painting in town of Tumkur

Couple Engaged in Foreplay
Romance in Indian Paintings
Erotic Paintings
Indian Fetish
Physical masturbation act in a painting found in Sibi.

A Welcome to Bed
Panel shows a lady in bridal dress welcoming her man, perhaps depicting first night
Erotica in Wooden Carvings
Erotic Wooden Carvings
Lady Calming-down an Erect Man
Wooden sculpture from a chariot, Gunavante village

Male Organ as a Symbol of Lord Shiva
Some sculptures have used black granite to erect a "Linga" at the middle of which Shiva stands out.
Genitatila Worship
Genitatila Worship
Phallus as a Symbol of Lord Shiva
In the Shiva temple in Kurudumalai (Karnataka) a great variety of "Lingas" could be observed.

Half Man, Half Woman
"Uma-Maheswara" or "Ardha-nareswara" is a concept of human gynandromorph in which half the body has male characters and remainder has that of a female.
Union of Male and Female
Union of Male and Female
An excellent sculpture of "Uma-Maheswara" located at Banashankari (Bijapur district) wherein the masculine and feminine characters are beautifully carved in a single icon.

Small Talk as Foreplay
Couple chatting on a bed -- sculpture from a medieval temple, Bhatkal
Erotica of Bhatkal Temple
Erotic Arts of India
Man in Heat -- Sculpture from Medieval India

Group Sex Depicted in a Relief
Detail from a panel from Keladi temple, Town of Sagar
Erotic Arts of India
Erotica of Hosanagar Temple
A Couple in Coitus
Sculpture from Hosanagar in Shimoga

Interwoven Limbs
Sculpture from Nad-kalse, Karnataka
Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalse
Ancient Erotica
Vigorous Love Making
Detail from a temple sculpture

Two Panels Depicting Erotic Paintings
Erotica in Wall Murals
Wall Painting Depicting Sexual Union
"Some of the Erotic Arts are in a dilapitated state and need enhancements to study them"
(Above photograph is hand-enhanced by the author)

The "Flying Bird" Position
Couple moving limbs as if they are wings -- detail from a wall painting in Tumkur
Erotic Arts of India
Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalse
Lady On Top Position
Ancient sculpture from Nad-kalese

Woman Relaxing her Man in Bed
Detail from a South Indian illustration. Notice the luxurious furniture depicted by 19th century artist
Erotic Paintings
Erotic Wall Paintings
"Villager's Choice" Sexual Position
Detail from a wall mural. c. 19th century. Vatsyana calls this the Preferred Position of Rural Folk

An Ascetic Inviting a Woman
Erotic Arts of India
Erotic Arts of India
Woman having a Sexual Contact with her Dog
"Best friend as Lover" -- detail from a wall mural, Tumkur

Two Men Coaxing a Woman to Cooperate in Sexual Acts
Detail from a wooden panel, Southwestern India
Erotica in Wooden Carvings
Erotic Arts of India
The Leg-locked Couple
Erotic Sculptures of Khetapai Temple, Bhatkal

Group Sex 1228 A.D.
Sculpture from Nad Kalse Temple
Medieval Group Sex
Erotic Wooden Carvings
Erotic Engravings on the Partkal Temple Chariot, Goa
Erotic carvings are a common theme to decorate temple chariots.

Icons of Erect Linga Date back to 2000 B.C. and still is worshipped by the devotees
Here, Shiva is carved into a Linga
Genitatila Worship
Intimate Couple
Copulating Couple -- Wooden Sculpture
The town of Nagar in Shimoga district, Karnataka

Man with Two Lovers, Sibi Painting
One Man, Two Women
Erotic Art of Sibi
Erotic Art from Sibi Temple
The gold plated artwork has been scraped by vandals

King and his Queen Performing a Ritual for Progeny
Illustration from from Sougandhikaparinaya
Fertility Ritual
Intercaste Sex in India
Black and White Union
Indian Painting Showing Interracial Union

A Royal Couple in Romance
Detail from a North Indian painting
Royal Romance
Erotic Arts of India
Rajasthani Couple Unite in a Balcony

Acrobatic Sex Position
Artist has fit lovers in an impossible sex posistion. Dubella Museum Collection
Beauty in Utility
Homosexuality in Indian Art
Ancient Homosexuality?
The picture shows men (notice the mustache on one and the beard on another) engaged in sexual activity. A third man is shown carrying what looks like a large artificial phallus

Woman with Mirror Consults her Man
Chandela sculpture from Dubella Museum, Madhya Pradesh
Romance in Indian Art
Tantric Sex Ritual
Tantric Fellatio
Sculpture from a Tantric temple, Barsur, Madhya Pradesh

Kissing Couple
Dilapidated stone sculpture, South India
Romance in Indian Art
Sex with a Pig
Ancient Bestiality
Coitus with a pig, sculpture from the village of Ballegavi

Hidden Sex
An avid student of Indian art will discover erotica in strangest and most obscure of places. Shown above is a panel from the holy temple chariot of Nanjangudu.
Erotic Carving on Chariot
Sex in Indian Sculptures
Oral Sex for One
Sculpture depicts a man performing auto-fellatio

Acrobatic Erotica!
Painting shows lovemaking with the aid of a pulley
Erotic Arts of India
Sex in the Bathroom
Erotica from a Temple Panel
Sculpture from Nad Kalase shows two ladies bathing a woman while some others engage in sexual activity

Amorous Couple
Notice the Maratha style turban of the man, and Islamic arrtire of the female. The disproportionated limbs indicate an amateur artist at work
Inter-religious Marriage?
Art Inspired by Group Sex
Genius Art Erotica
Notice how the artist has rendered the copulating couples into a horse

Full Body Excitement of Tantric Sex
Man controls partner's breathing to increase her pleasure
Yoga Meets Sex
Sex Among Friends
Indian Group Sex
Detail from a temple panel depcits people in various sex acts

Erotica from Nandi Temple, Khajuraho
Erotica from Temple Panel
Erotica from Temple Relief
Erotica from Nandi Temple, Khajuraho
Woman guides linga into her; detail from a temple relief

Lajja Gowri Sculpture, Alampuram
Sculpture of Lajja Gouri
Medieval Makeup
A Beauty Prepares for her Lover's Arrival
Detail from Khajuraho temple relief, Khajuraho

Mithuna -- Eternal lovers
Detail from a Dubella sculpture, State Museum, Dubella, Chaterpur
Eternal Lovers
Ancient Erotica
Sculpture from Ballegavi
Shimoga district in Karnataka

Romantic Couple
Erotica from a medieval temple, Madhya Pradesh
Ancient Erotica
Erotic Paintings from India
The Swastika Position
Artist's depiction of a "Swastika" formed by the lovers' legs

"Not Tonight Dear" -- Couple in Conversation
Detail from a Kavi Art mural, Honavar
A Couple in Bed
Erotic Temple Sculpture
Erotica from Temple Panel
Detail from a temple panel, Village of Ballegavi

Group Sex Scene
Detail from a chariot panel , Nanjangudu
Erotic Temple Arts
A Standing Position
Fresco Painting at Sibi
Town of Sibi, Tumkur

The Man Makes a Move
Detail from a Pahari painting, Jaipur
Rajasthani Painting
Romance in Chalukyan Temples
Romance of Shiva and Uma
Badami temple sculpture

One Man, Many Women
Group Sex in Indian Art
Romance in Indian Art
Romancing Couple
Detail from a North Indian painting

Erotic Painting
Man greeting naked wife as a servant looks on
Erotica in Indian Art
Erotic Arts of India
Intoxication and Sex

Erotic sculptures
Black and White Sex
Black and White Conjugation
Painting shows the union of a dark man and a fair woman

Mithuna Couple
Detail from Amriteshwara Temple, Hoysala Period
Kissing Couple
Erotic Sculpture of Belur
Woman on Top Position
If you are careful to look, you will find sex sculptures everywhere in India


Kamat's Potpourri Erotic Arts of India Collection

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