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Urban Lambani Women, Karnataka
Notice how the saree has been added to their traditional Gypsy attire
People of India
Somewhere on Konkan Coast
A Boat Race, in Progress
Uttara Kannada, Karnataka

Traditional Wrestling
Nadahabba Festival, Kumta
Jangi Kusti
Bullock Cart
Chakada -- Light-weight Bullock Cart
Chindwada, Madhya Pradesh

Mysore Durbar (assembly) with visiting European dignitaries
Detail from a Mysore miniature painting
Royal Court of Mysore
Dakhani Miniature Painting
Tree of Life
Dakhani miniature painting depicting animals and humans in the branches of a tree

The Village of Keertigadde, Uttara Kannada
Keertigedde Lake
Paintings of Daria Daulat
Procession of Chamundi Goddess
Detail from a wall painting in Srirangapattana, near Mysore

Sringeri Vidyaranya Temple
Temples of Karnataka
Floor Decoration
A Simple Rangoli decorated with Colors
Colorful Rangoli art in front of a tribal hut, Karnataka

Kadu-Kuruba Tribals
Forest of Nagarahole, Karnataka
Tribals of Karnataka
Banavasi Sculpture
A Sculpture from Banavasi
Sculpture of c. 11th century shows destruction of a demon (Rakkasa Samhara)

Folk Dancer at Folk Festival
Folk Artists of Karnataka
Muria Tribals
Adivasis (aboriginal natives) in front of their housing, Madhya Pradesh

The Jewelry of Mysore Maharaja
A Necklace with Precious Stones
Royal Jewelry
The Pearls of Mysore Maharaja

Krishna milks a cow-- Mysore traditional painting
Mysore Traditional Painting
Folk Artists of Karnataka
Hinged Horse (Keelukudure) Dance

Hinged Horse (Keelukudure) Dancer
Folk Artist
Folk Artists of Karnataka
Giant Rolling Drum Dance (Jaga-Halage)

Giant Rolling Drum Dance (Jaga-Halage)
Folk artists with rolling drums, Karnakata
Folk Artists
Folk Artists of South Kanara
Preta Nritya -- Ghost dance of South Kanara

Jain Woman being Educated by Teacher
A stone memorial from Karnataka
Jain Hero-Stones
Tribal Musician
Village Musician, Bastar, Madhya Pradesh

Detail from a Stone Memorial
Notice the sun and the moon in the sculpture. The message is "Let the memory of the heroes live as long as the sun and the moon"
Detail of a Hero-stone
Happy Buddha
A Chinese icon from the Salarjung museum

A Lesson in Ecology
Painting from Jain monastery, Shravanabelagola illustrates pruning of a tree
Jaina Mural
Crime and Punishment
Crime and Punishment, Jain painting, 18th century
The wall mural depicts shaving the head as a punishment, as two boys urinate on the criminal.

Shri Vaishnav Guru, Mysore Parakal Muth (monestary)
Detail from a painting found in Mysore Palace
Head of a Hindu Sect
Jawaharlal Nehru Centenary
A First Day Release Envelope
Envelope released on Nehru centennial

Portrait of Tippu Sultan
Tippu Sultan
Pillar of Honor
Monolithic Manasthambha (Pillar of Honor)

Sarojini Naidu Spinning Yarn
Detail from a picture postcard c. 1945
Freedom Era Postcard
Horse and Warriors
A Screen Panel of Chandragupta Basadi
Shravanabelagola, Karnataka

Krishna stealing the clothes of his female companions
The Gopika-Vastraharana episode
Lord Krishna Steals Clothes
Hoysala King
Metallic icon of Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana
Belur, Karnataka

Metallic Betelnut Cracker
Indian Antiques
A 14th Century Memorial
Savinirmadi -- A woman scholar of the 14th century

Halakki Gowdatis in Synchronized Rice Pounding
(Photograph is hand-colored by K.L.Kamat)
Punding of Grains
Memorials as Illustrated History
Hariyakka -- A brave lady of Karnataka
Detail from a memorial stone, Shikaripur

Mahishasura Mardini, Aihole
Sculpture shows eight-armed goddess Kali
Chalukyan Art
Chalukyan Art
Elaborately Decorated Pillar, Badami cave

Two Women Milk a Cow
Detail from a relief in a Bhatkal temple
Vijayanagara Art
Picture Post Cards
Woman with a fan made with peacock feathers
Detail from a 1940s picture postcard

Woman with a Decorative Fan
Detail from a 1940s picture postcard
Picture Post Card of 1940
On The Streets of India
Supplier of flowers

Nataraja -- the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva
Ellora, Maharashtra
Lord Siva of Kailash
Murals of India
In the Palace of Aravinda
Jain painting, Karnataka

Madam Bhikaji Cama
Woman Freedom Fighters
Hero-Stone Memorial
Hero-stone of Rashrakoota period, Annigeri

Goddess Saraswati holding the book of knowledge
Hoysala Sculpture
Hoysala Sculpture
Lord Narasimha (Lion faced Vishnu) Seated with His Consort
Depcition of Narasimha in a Hoysala period sculpture

Thinking of his next great novel -- S.L. Bhyrappa
Photograph circa 1984
Modern Kannada Writers
Street Eatery
Pani-puri Vendor New Delhi
Man selling vegetarian snacks, Delhi, 1970

A Teaching Session
Detail from a Shravanabelagola painting
Education Among Jains
Mysore School of Art
Veene Anant Subbaiah, Mysore Traditional Musician
Detail from a painting found in Mysore palace

An Elephant in Silk Embroidery
Embroidery on Silk
Sibi Paintings
Erotic Paintings of Sibi Village
Some of these old paintings (c. 19th century) are being subject to vandalism and need urgent protection (1997)

Scenic View of the Himalayas
Pictures of Himalaya
Pictures of India
Harvest Season
Indus River Valley, Ladakh

The domes of Jama Masjid, Delhi
Pictures of India
Swamijis of India
Portrait of Parijnanashram Swamiji
Parijnanashram Swamiji led the Chitrapur Muth

Partition of India depicted in a Puppet Show
...they were forced to travel long distances carrying the sick, old and belongings on their heads and shoulders.
Partition Puppetry
Gandhi and Child
International Year of the Child 1979.
Stamp depicts Gandhi's love for the children

Laxmibai, the Queen of Jhansi
Indian Queen dressed for battle to defend her kingdom against the British
Queen of Jhansi
Kannada Novelist TaRaaSu
Portrait of Ta.Raa.Su.
T.R. Subbarao was a noted Kannada novelist.
(Picture from the back of one of his novels)

Motilal Nehru (1861-1931)
Motilal Nehru was an early Indian independence activist and leader of the Indian National Congress. He was the founder patriarch of India's most powerful political family.
Freedom Fighters
Great People of India
Sage Vishwamitra
Vishwamitra composed the Gayatri Mantram

Maharshi Valmiki said to be the writer of "Ramayana".
Sage Valmiki
Great Rishis of India
Sage Vasishta
Sage Vasishta was the preceptor of Rama

Sage Vidyaranya
Vidyaranya is credited with mentoring Harihara and Bukka to build the Vijayanagar empire. c, 13th century
Holymen of India
Great People of India
Poet Kalidasa writer of "Meghadoota".

Bankim Chandra Chatterji (1838-1894)
The man who gave us Vande Mataram
B.C. Chatterji
Romance in Indian Paintings
A Noble Offers a Pearl Necklace to his Lover
Illustration from Ragamalika, c. 19th century

Japanese Sumer Painting by Girija Madhavan
Water Color Paintings
Leather Puppets
Merry-Go-Around Puppets
During the performance it looks as if the man is chasing the woman!

Deity Annapurneswari
The village of Hornad, Chikkamagalur District
Tantric Goddess of Hornad
Pictorial Tour of India
A View of the Himalayan Mountains

The First Indian Tricolor
It had lotuses for very Indian State, moon and sun depicting communal harmony
The First Indian Flag
Outstanding Indian Women
Sharada Devi
Married to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Sharada Devi became an active partner in his spiritual discoveries and a led a life being worthy of adulation and worship bestowed upon her.

Pandita Ramabai (1858 - 1928)
Ramabai was a poet, a scholar, and a champion of improvement in the plight of Indian women.
Outstanding Indian Women
Outstanding Indian Women
Rani Rasmani
Rani Rasmani built the Kali temple at Dakshineshwar

Queen Ahilyabai Holkar, Indore
Outstanding Indian Women
Old Time Saree Fashions
A Style of the Saree
Illustration based on a medieval sculpture

Government Museum
Cubbon Park, Bangalore
The Government Museum Building
Tribals of Madhya Pradesh
Tribals Making a Headgear
Painting from the Tribal Museum Collection, Bhopal

Wandering Ascetic
Picture shows a Sadhu going from place to place with all his belongings
Hindu Ascetic Sadhu
Statue of Shiva
Artist's Depiction of Lord Shiva
(Notice his third eye on the forehead)

A Daughter of the Himalayas
Portrait of a woman belonging to a Himalayan native tribe
Life on Himalayas
Temple Guardians
Temple Guardians
Painted guardians of a temple, Tamilnadu

Simple Pleasures
Man in turban smokes a hukka in Rajasthan
Pictorial Tour of India
Pictorial Tour of India
Romantic Couple
Stone sculpture from India

Painting on a Wall
Colorful painting featuring a Rajput prince
Corel Photo Collection
Pictorial Tour of India
Interior of a Palce Complex
Ambar, Rajasthan

A Weaver at Work
Notice the covered face of the the weaver. The veil system was common in India during the early part of the 20th century.
Pictorial Tour of India
Varieties of Indian Drape
Woman in Sari (Saree) without a Blouse
Painting from Lepakshi Temple, Andhra Pradesh

Portrait of a Young Girl
Children of India
The  Doddata Folk Troupe
A Folk Artists as a Fearsome Rakshasa (Demon)

A Landlord and his Servant
Detail from a memorial in Pachmadi
Memorials of Madhya Pradesh
Memorials of Madhya Pradesh
Five Panels of a Wooden Memorial


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