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Geographica Indica – India You do not Know

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A Wall Painting from Rural India
Amateur wall art, India
Painting of Lord Vishnu
Kathakkali Dancer, Kerala
Kathakkali Dancer, Kerala

Ash Covered Face of a Fortune Teller
A Devotee of Lord Shiva
Gold Culture of India
The Jewelry of Mysore Maharaja

A close up of fine jewelry
The jewelry of Mysore Maharaja
Gold Culture of India
Flute Player
Basuri Flute Player
Basuri (flute) player with cowrie (glossy shell of a mollusk) decorations, Madhya Pradesh

The Travelling Barber Shop
In rural India, even to this day (1997) the village hairdresser makes house calls. It was customary for women (widows) and elderly to have their haircut at their homes
Rural India
Pre-historic Paintings of Bhimbetaka
Men Engaged in Hunting
Illustration Based on a Rock Painting

Lady with Mirror
Hoysala Period Sculpture, Belur
Darpana Sundari
Diversity of Karavali
Diversity of North Kanara
Men belonging to different religions and races living together as neighbors.

Lal Bahadur Shastri -- former prime minister of India
Indian Political Leaders
Pictures of Rajasthan
The Sheep Girl

A Roadside Cobbler
Rajasthan Picture Gallery
Paintings of India
Bharatesha Vaibhava (the grandeur of king Bharatesha)
Detail from a Jain painting, Shravanabelagola

The Indian Farmer With Bullock Pulled Plough
Deity Laxmi in Mysore School of Art
Lakshmi -- Goddess of Wealth

Tomb of a Lodhi King, New Delhi
Street Arts of India
Girl Practicing Rangoli Art
Steps, courtyards, roads, footpaths are used to draw Rangoli in India

The ribs of coconut leaves are used in manufacturing broomsticks.
Man making brooms from petioles
The Natural Broom
Traditional Indian Woman
"Sumangali" -- Portrait of a Traditional Indian Woman
A vermilion mark on the forehead is considered to bring good luck.

The festivals in India are celebrated in an eco-friendly way.
Strings of mango leaves indicate festive occasion.
Eco-freindly Celebrations

A fifty rupees note, bearing no. 4DP 223701.

Lovers in Pahari style.
Erotic Paintings
Genitatila Worship
The rich and powerful carried "Shiva Linga" in specially made golden pouches. This "Karendika" is attached to a "Rudraksha Mala".

Caricature Showing the Diverisity of India
The Diverisity of India
Picture of a Tiger
The Bengal Tiger

Shilabalika of Belur
Finely carved Hoyssala temple sculpture
India Tourism
The Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal

Man Selling Flowers by Weight
A vendor using a hand-held balance to weigh and sell flowers.
Extreme Nation
The Lotus Temple
The Lotus Shaped Bahai Temple in New Delhi

India`s National Flag
The Indian National Flag
Astronomical Observatory of Jantar Mantar
The Astronomical Observatory at Jantar Mantar

Newly Married Couple Enjoying the Wedding Feast
Eating with hands is quite common in India, at home, in restaurants, and at banquets.
Eating with Hands
Temple of Chamundi
The Chamundeshwari Temple, Mysore
See also: Mysore Collection at Kamat's Potpourri

External façade of a Hoysala temple
Hoysala Temple Art

A tier of spiral foliage of exquisite design

Clash of the Swords
Kalari Payattu is an ancient martial art
Indian Martial Arts
Konkani Heritage Album
Community Cooking for a Wedding

Man Cleaning a Bird for Special Meal
How Green Was My Valley
The Weight of Krishna
Weight of Lord Krishna
A common vow among Hindus is to give charitable donations equal to the weight of a deity

Flower Offerings to Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna`s Birthday
Lord Krishna`s Birthday
Fruit Offerings for Lord Krishna

Painted Face of a Devotee
Pictures of the mysterious Yellamma cult
Cross-dressed Devotee
Man Dressed as Woman in Devotion
Picture of a member of the mysterious Yellamma cult

Member of the Mysterious Yellamma Cult
The system of Devadasis is a controversial practice in India
Devotee or Prostitute?
Saint Mirabai
Mirabai - A Woman Saint Who Propagated Bhakti (Devotion) through Songs & Music

Andal - A Lady Saint of South India
Andal is an important saint of Bhakti, who practiced a new type of "romantic relationship" with the Lord.
Woman Saints of India
Anatomy of a Upanayanam
Initiation of a Brahmin Boy

Introduction to the Mudras
Proceedings of a Upanayanam ceremony for a boy
Upanayanam Samskara
Village Life in India
True to Nature
Naked boy running around a simple village, Kokkare Belluru

Best Friends
Girl walking the bufallo, the village of Kokkare Belluru
Village Life in India
Village Life in India
Fossil Free Transportation
Village of Kokkare Belluru, 1985

Boys taking turns to the joy ride the water buffalo
Village Life in India
Village Life in India
Girl bathing in a public pond

The Milk Girl
Kamat Candid Camera
Goddess Durga
Goddess Durga
Idol of eight-armed goddess Durga riding a tiger

Four Handed Lord Vishnu
Depicttuion of Vishnu as the Lord of Guruvayur
Idol of Lord Vishnu
Vehicle Worship
Vehicle Worship in India
Vehicle Worship in Malleswaram, Bangalore

Shanty Town Children Playing Hopping Game on the Street
The game of Kuntahalipi can be played on the streets
Street as Playground
Lady Musicians of Rajsthan
Ladies Playing Drums
Detail from a Rajput Miniature Painting

Surya the Sun God
A sculpture from Karnataka
Sculpture of Surya
Roadside Dhobi
Roadside Launderer Basavaraju
Man using a charcoal iron to press clothes

Lone Tusker, Badipur National Park
Bandipur National Park
India`s Northeast
Girl from Manipur

People Gathered for a Religious Ceremony
Group poses at Jambavali, Goa
Hindu Rituals
Bathing in a Pond
Children Bathing at the Village Pond

Man weaves coconut leaves into a carpet
The sheathe thus formed is used for thatched roofing as well
Man Weaving a Palm-leaf

Sage Basaveshwara who founded the Lingayat cult in 12th century

Madhvacharya (guru) teaching a Desciple
Illustration from an old textbook
Sage Madhwacharya

Illiterate Sells Alphabets
An illiterate girl selling the alphabets chart by the road side, Bangalore, 2000

Boys Playing in Rural Bengal
Town of Plassey, circa 1970
Rural West Bengal
Glimpses of Rural India
A Muslim Mystic Washes himself in the River
On the banks of Bhagirati river, West Bengal

Peanut Vendor
Mother and daughter selling peanuts in Bangalore
Street Vendor
Man Committing Suicide
Self Immolation depicted in a Stone Sculpture
Atma Bali (Sacrifice of the Soul) -- Sculpture from Andhra Pradesh

Woman Grinding Herbs to Make Cosmetics
Moghul Painting
Lord Brihaspati
Detail from a temple painting in Malagi village

Five Headed Goddess Lakshmi
Painting from a temple in the village of Malagi
Indian Music
Musicans in Moghul Court

Going to Work with Buffaloes
Village of Sulgod, Uttara Kannada
Indian Village Scene
Glimpses of  Rural India
Construction Workers
Poor construction laborers at a site, Goa

Landlords Walking to Farm
Town of Ankola, 1967
Vignettes of Rural India
The Gambling Brahmin
The Gambling Brahmin
Town of Mulki, South Kanara

A Mother's Love
A stray dog feeds its puppies, Bangalore 2001
Street Dog and Pups
Artist`s Depiction of Kalki
Lord Vishnu as Kalki
A Kavi art mural from Sukkeri

The Amazing bicycle
Three children carry six pots of water from a public well.

A construction worker preparing dinner on the street
Woman preparing North Karnataka style Bhakkri

A construction worker preparing dinner on the street
Woman baking Bhakkri
Open Air Kitchen!
Glimpses of Rural India
Three Children with a Bull

Boy Begging with a Country Musical Instrument
Rawanahatta Instrument
Roadside Tattoo Artist
Man Gets a Tattoo by Roadside
The Village of Chandanpur, 1976

Women Vending Cheap Jewelry
The village of Chandanpur, 1976
Glimpses of Rural India
Glimpses of Rural India
Villagers Resting by Roadside During Pilgrimage
The village of Jatashankar, Madhya Pradesh, 1976

Tribal Youngster
Pachmari Forest, 1976
Glimpses of Rural India
Temples of Goa
Flag Post from a Hindu Temple, Goa

Knitting Woman, Himachal Pradesh
Glimpses of Himachal
Candid Camera
Man Rushing to Puja ( Prayer) House
Notice the basket in his hands filled with offerings

Friends in Long Skirts Walking Home
Neighborhood of Malleswaram, Bengaluru
Very Long Skirts
Village Economy
Women Negotiating the Price of Fish
The town of Honavar, 1965

Back from the Village Fair
Gonda tribals in Chindwada returning home
Village Scene
Living One with Nature
Coconut Leaves Used for Wall and Roof of a Hut


Kamat's Potpourri Geographica Indica – India You do not Know

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