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The Deccan Plateau

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Keywords: deccan plateau southindia

Gowri-Rajni Raga
Northern Deccan painting perhaps by Shubhachandra (Subbarao)
Deccan Miniatures
Dakhani Miniature Painting
Adil Shah II playing tamboor

Female Bard from Deccani Painting
Detail from a 17th century painting
Yogini Playing Indian Musical Instrument
Deccan Miniatures
Horse Decorated with Sages
Detail from a Deccan Miniature Painting

African Eunuch -- Dakhani miniature painting
African Merchant
Dakhani Miniature Painting
Picture of a Maratha Peshwa with his Courtiers
Detail from a Dakhani Miniature Painting, 18th century

The Long Gown Worn by a Nawab
Dakhani Miniature Painting
Vijayanagar School of Painting
Lepakshi Paintings in Ruins

A Painting of Vijayanagar period
Lepakshi Temple Painting
Pattadkal miniature painting
A Chalukyan Miniature Painting

Shiva with his bull, Nandi, at Durga temple, Aihole
Chalukyan Art
Hoysala Art
Two women at the Somanath temple, Somanathapur

Intricately Carved Sculpture of a Dancer, Belur
Dances of India
Lord Shiva of Badami
Shiva and his bull vehicle Nandi

Sculpture of Standing Vishnu
Hoysala Sculpture
Hoysala Sculpture
A Rishi (sage) of Halebidu -- Hoysala sculpture

A lady with raised hair bun, Lepakshi
Wall Paintings of Lepakshi
Wall Paintings of Lepakshi
Ornaments of a lady, Lepakshi painting

Brothers Veeranna and Virupanna, Lepakshi temple builders
Detail from a wall painting, Lepakshi
Wall Paintings of Lepakshi
Wall Paintings of Lepakshi
Women assembled to greet Uma-Maheshwara, Lepakshi

A damsel admires herself in a mirror
Hoysala temple sculpture
Shilabalika with Mirror
Romance of Commoners, Badami
A rural couple sitting on a cot caress each other
Chalukan period sculpture, Badami

Woman in sari (Indian drape)
Detail from a15th century painting from Lepakshi
Lepakshi Painting
Art of Lepakshi
Virupanna's Kulavi with dangling decorations

Veeranna's Kulavi -- illustration based on a Lepakshi temple mural
Art of Lepakshi
The Southern States
Map of South India Showing the States of the Deccan

Shilabalika of Belur
Finely Carved Hoyssala temple Sculpture
Finely Carved Hoyssala temple Sculpture
Decorations of Shilabalika of Belur

Seductress in Stone
Finely Carved Hoyssala temple Sculpture
Shilabalika of Belur
Finely Carved Hoyssala temple Sculpture
Shilabalika of Belur

Colorful Saree Designs
Painting from Lepakshi Temple
Medieval Saree Designs
Saris in Lepakshi Paintings
Saree Design using lines and squares

A front view of a typical Hoysala temple

Hoysala Emperor Vishnuvardhana and His Queen Shantala

Map of Kerala State
Map of Kerala
View of Hampi
Ruins of Vijayanagar Empire
The Virupaksha temple of Hampi on the banks of the Tungabhadra River

Elephant Stables, Hampi
Archeological Site of Hampi
Beluru Ganesh
Dancing Ganapati, Belur Sculpture
Nritya-Ganapati sculpture in Hoysala style, 12th century

Horse Mounted Shivaji
Deccan Miniature Painting by Artist Mir Mohammad, 17th Century
Deccan Miniature
Western Chalukyan Sculpture
Shiva Killing an Asura, Badami Sculpture

Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar (1919-1974)
Painting by Ramanarasaiah. Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery, Mysore
Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar
Hoysala Sculptures of Belur
The Royal Emblem of Hoysala Kings

Followers of Lord Shiva
Painting from Lepakshi
Shaivite Devotees
Frescos of Lepakshi
Lord Shiva
Detail from a mural in Lepakshi

Followers of Lord Shiva
Detail from a mural in Lepakshi
Frescos of Lepakshi
Ruins of Vijaynagar
Ruins of Hampi
Painting by artist Shuddhodana

Romance of Shiva and Parvati
Alampur temple sculpture in Andhra Pradesh
Kalyan Chalukyan Sculpture
Sculptures of Alampur
Romance of Shiva and Parwati
Eastern Chalukyan temple sculpture, Alampur

The Lord of Kailash
Kailash temple, Ellora
Cave Temples of Ellora
Kailas Temple, Ellora
Shiva and Rawana
Sculpture from Ellora shows Shiva suppressing the multi-headed, multi-armed Rawana

A Beauty of the Hoysala Period
Sculpture from Jinanathapura. Notice the elaborate carved decorations. This is characteristic of Hoysala sculptures.
Shilabalika - Stone Maiden
Rashtrakuta Cave Temple
A View of a Cave Complex, Elephanta

Kannada Letterings, Hoysala Period
Kannada letterings at the foot of the Gomateshwara statue in Sravanabelagola
Kannada Letterings
Chalukyan Swastika
Designs from a Pattadakal Temple
Notice the Swastika and the embedded warrior couple

Dueling Soldiers
Detail from a sculpture in Hampi
Artifacts of Hampi
The Ruins of Hampi
Remnants of a Glorious Past

Statue of Ugra-Narasimha
Famous statue from Hampi depicting the fourth avatar of Vishnu
Ruins of Vijayanagar Empire
At the Royal Court of Wodeyars
At the Mysore Durbar
King with visiting European dignitaries

Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar (1919-1974 A.D.)
Jayachamarajendra was the last of the Mysore kings, the state having merged with the independent nation of India.
Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar
The Mysore Palace
Amba Vilas Palace, Mysore

Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan
Young Tippu (squatting on the right) consults with his father Hyder Ali.
Detail from a Wall mural in Sibi.
Hyder Ali and Tippu
Mahabalipuram Sculptures
Pavilions and Sculptures of Mahabalipuram

In the Court of Mysore Palace
Musicians performing for the Mysore King. The Wodeyars were great patrons of art and music.
In the Court of Mysore Palace
Gajasura Mardaka
Gajasura Mardaka, God punishing the evil elephant
Sculpture from Halebidu, Karnataka

A Pattadkal sculpture
A great example of Chalukyan art
A Sculpture from Pattadakallu
Lad Khan Temple
Lad Khan Temple, Aihole
One of the first of Chalukyan temple, perhaps constructed as a sample in 450 A.D. This is believed to be a temple for Lord Shiva

Unique Temple of Aihole, 7th Century A.D.
This horse-shoe shaped temple was built duirng the reign of Vikramaditya II. Its gopuram is in the Rekhanagar style of the north. In the corridor of the temple are beautifully carved idols of Vishnu, Shiva, the Matsyayantra and Nagadevatas.
U-Shaped  Chalukyan Temple
Lepakshi Paintings
Audience at Shiva's Wedding
Notice the hairstyles depcited in this 16th century fresco in Lepakshi

Fresco from Lepakshi
Art of Lepakshi
Rashtrakuta Period Sculpture
Trimurti of Elephanta
Faces of Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheswar embodied as one

Old Mysore Palace, Mysore
Rare photograph of the palace that burned down by a fire in 1897. A new palace built on the same location houses the Mysore Palace
Album of Mysore Maharaja
Album of Mysore Maharaja
At Royal Court of Mysore
Nalmadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar conducting Court

At the Durbar of Wodeyars
Album of Mysore Maharaja
Deccan Miniature
Battle Scene
Detail from Deccan miniature painting. c. 19th century.

Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV (1902-1940)
Saintly king of Mysore during whose rule the state advanced in arts and sciences.
Nalvadi Krishnaraj Bahadur
Art of Lepakshi
Women of Lepakshi
Lepakshi, Hindupur District, Andhra Pradesh

Hermits Attending Shiva's Marriage
Fresco from Lepakshi, Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh
Wedding of Lord Shiva
Paintings of Lepakshi
Hair Bun of a Woman
Detail from Lepakshi

Shiva as Bridegroom
Detail from Lepakshi Painting, Hindupur
Treasures of Lepakshi
The Wodeyar Royal Family
Chamaraja Wodeyar with Family
Early 20th century painting, Mysore

Women at Worship
Detail from Lepakshi painting. Vijayanagar period
Medieval Lepakshi Painting
Kiratarjuniya Scene
Battle of Shiva and Arjuna
Detail from Lepakshi Painting

Lord Shiva in his Court
Detail from a Lepakshi mural
Murals of Lepakshi
Scene from Kiratarjuniya
Shiva with Bow and Arrow Shooting the Boar
Detail from fresco from Lepakshi

Mahanavami Dibba
A vantage point in Hampi
Pictures of Hampi
Scultputres of Lepakshi
Medieval Saree Style

Woman with a Pestle at Mortar
Detail from a Lepakshi sculpture
Common People of Lepakshi
Art of Lepakshi
Woman with Chamara Fan
Detail from a sculpture on a pillar

Hermit with a Locked Hair
Sculpture shows jata (knoted hair) and kamandalu, Lepakshi
Sculpture Depicting a Sage
Medieval Sufi Fakri
A Fakir with a Fan and Turban
Detail from a Lepakshi sculpture

Vaishnavite Devotee, Lepakshi
Notice tanpura in his hands and nama on forehead
Social Life in Art of Lepakshi
Hoysal Sculpture
A Sculpture of Hayavadana
12th century, AD, Nuggehalli

Mahalakshmi in Dance Pose
12th century A.D., Nuggehalli
Hoysala Style Lakshmi
The Wodeyars of Mysore
Krishnaraj Wodeyar IV
Painting by K. Venkatappa

Keertimukha or "Face of Glory"
Derail from a Hoysala period sculpture, Tarikere
Hoysala Arts
Sculptures of Amriteshwara Temple
Vasudeva Carrying Infant Krishna Crosses Yamuna River
Scene from Bhagawata depicted in a Hoysala period temple

Chola Period Sculpture
Female fgure with long pleat hair and ornaments, Kolar
Goddess Kolaramma


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