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Erotic Arts of India -- Index

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Keywords: erotica

Two playful ladies bathing together
Line drawing based on ancient text Sougandhikaparinaya
Bathing Scenes
Lajja Gowri of Alampur
Nagna Kabandha Alampur sculpture, Andhra Pradesh

The Ishwara Linga
It symbolizes the union of cosmic powers of Shiva and his lover Uma
The Lingam
Erotica of Bhatkal Temple
Birth of a child -- the natural culmination of sexual activity
This Bhatkal temple has beautiful social themes carved on its panels (15th century)

Damsel in her vanity
Line drawing based on Belur sculpture
Damsel Admires Self in Mirror, Belur Sculpture
Kissing Couple
A Romantic Couple
Hoysala Sculpture from Jinanathapura

Artist Lets His Imagination Go Wild
Sculpture from Khajuraho -- 900 A.D.
Extreme Erotica from Khajuraho
Carvings on Wooden Car in Pattadakal
Carvings on wooden car (chariot) in Pattadakal

Man disturbs wife while she puts on make up
Playboy disturbs make-up
Drinking Couple - Temple Sculpture from India
Drinking Couple -- Temple Sculpture from India

The Phallus: Facts and Fallacies
Contrary to common belief, most of the ancient/medieval erotic arts of India are not based on Kamasutra and fashion extra-ordinary imagination on the part of the artists.
The Phallus: Facts and Fantasies
Mistress Seduces Man - Temple Sculpture from India
A Warrior Spends Time With Mistress
Note his one hand is on the sword. Temple sculpture from Bhatkal.

Lovers, sculpture from a Khajuraho temple
Lovers, sculpture from a Khajuraho temple
Making Love on a Bed
Making love on a comfortable bed, pillow and bed-spread

Divine recreation: Krishna with two Gopikas (female cowherds)
Temple mural from Sibi, Karnataka
Krishna and His Exploits
A couple engages in foreplay
Self help is the best help?
A couple engages in foreplay

Man punishes wife's paramour
Caught in the Act!
Genitalia Worship
Genitalia Worship
Here, Lord Shiva is shown embedded in the Lingam

"I read and I forgotů I saw and I understood"
Erotic Arts of India
Erotica of Ballegavi

The Old Fashioned Sex
About 500 years old sculpture from Nad-kelese in rural India
Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalse
Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalse
Threesome (?) Depiction
Man enters a woman as she combs a friend

"Not Tonight Dear"
Woman expressing unwillingness for intimacy
Erotic Paintings of India
Erotic Paintings
Love, like liquor, intoxicates!

Lady guides the Linga into her Yoni
Erotic Wooden Carvings
Erotic Arts of India
Woman putting on Makeup excites a Man

Man uses his Phallus to beat the drum!
Scuplture from Bagali shows woman dancing to his tune
The Phallus: Facts and Fantasies
Erotic Arts of India
A man and two women are in the game of love.

Making Love on a Swing
A "Dasayya" is having a nice time on a swing.
Erotic Arts of India
Kamasutra Positions
Woman Hanging on to her Lover.
Detail from a wall painting, Tumkur

Who Said Bigger is Better?!
Sculpture from Kalyana Chalukya Period, Village of Bagali, Harapanahalli
Sculpture from Kalyana Chalukya Period
Erotic Arts of India
Erotic Paintings of India
Fair skinned man and a dark skinned woman make love. Detail from a painting in Tumkur

Enjoying each other company
Erotic Paintings
Medieval Sadomasochism
Spanking in Medieval India (?)
Detail from a 16th century sculpture, Bhatkal depicting sadomasochism

Playboy Krishna Makes Out in the Bush
Divine Love!
Wooden Sculpture
Amorous Couple, Wooden Sculpture
17th century sculpture from Karnataka

The Comfort Union
Detail from a North Indian painting
Kamasutra Positions
Erotic Arts of India
Divine Recreation
Erotic exploits of Lord Krishna are glorified and sung in Indian art and music.

Couple on their First Night
Inauguration in lovemaking generates love, friendship, and respect in the hearts of women - Kamasutra
Kamasutra on Wedding Night
The Erotic Arts of India
"Let Praise be Given to God that He has created Woman"

Mankind's First Erotic Art?
Detail from cave painting, Bhimbetka
Prehistoric Romance

Sculpted Chandela Temples depicting Erotica
Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Mithuna Lovers
Ancient Erotica
Ancient Erotica
Love Knot Position
The Love Knot
Stone sculpture at the village of Induru, North Kanara

The Double Decker
Erotic sculpture from the Dubella museum collection
One Man, Two Women
Ancient Revels
A Group Sex Scene Depicted in Ancient Sculpture
Dubella Museum, Dubella

A Beast Mounts a Woman
Ancient sculpture from Barsur depicting bestiality
Position Sixty Nine
The Mutually Reciprocal Position
Erotic temple sculpture from Ballegavi

Man and Woman in 'Beauty of Union'
Known as 'Shrungar', sex is a very popular theme of decor and beauty among Indian artists
Beauty of Union

Couple Entangled in Love Knot

Man Cajoles Woman
Wooden carvings on temple chariot, Nanjanagudu
Erotic Arts of India

Girl preparing to meet boyfriend
Line drawing based on a stone seductress (shilabalika) in Belur

Genitalia Worship
The Ishwara Lingam
It symbolizes the union of cosmic powers of Shiva and his lover Uma, and is widely worshipped in India

The Mark of a Man!
Erotic Arts of India
Erotic Arts of India
One Woman Takes on Two Men
Wooden sculpture (kashtashilpa) from India

Playful Girl Friends
Erotic Arts of India
Kamasutra Love Games
Couple Engaged in a Game of Love
Artist has depcited reciprocal eye and limb contact in this 19th century painting.

Sculpture Depicting Bestiality
Detail from a temple panel
Sex with Animals
Man copulates while the woman milks a cow
Workplace Harassment ?!
Man copulates a milking woman
Sculpture from the village of Hoogoppalu

Sex in the Kitchen!
In this sculpture the artist has depicted a couple in coitus even as the woman is engaged with kitchen utensils.
Kitchen Kamasutra
Medieval Group Sex Scene
Medieval Sculpture Depicting Group Sex
Detail from a sculpture Ikkeri/Keladi

Monkey Kamasutra
Detail from a sculpted pillar, Sravanabelagola
Art Inspired by Kamasutra
Sex Before Union
Couple at Foreplay
Illustration based on a temple sculpture shows "Beginnings of a Union"

"Practice Yoga and Excel at Sex"
Vatsyayana recommends physical excerise and Yoga to become a good lover
Acrobatic Sex Position
Painting Inspired by Kamasutra
Islamic Kamasutra (?)
Painting shows couple in Islamic attire and features engaged in coitus. It is unlikely that such paintings are based on actual models, and experts typically attribute them to artist's imagination.

Depiction of Bestiality
Artifact from Government Museum, Goa
Bestiality in Indian Art
Erotic Sculpture of Goa
Erotica from a Chariot Carving
Government Museum collection, Panajim

Worship of Linga
Erotic wooden Sculpture on a Chariot, Nanjangudu
Genital Worship
Erotic Arts of India
Begging for Love
Detail from a wall-mural, Tumkur

Erotic Scluptures of Bhatkal Temple
Sex in Indian Scultpures
Indian Group Sex
Friends Engaged in Sexual Activities
Detail from a wooden sculpture

Manmatha Shooting Arrow of Love from 'Gajanaari'
Notice how the artist has formed an elephant by using women
Lord of Sensual Love
Kokashastra of Kalyanamalla
Depilated Lovers
17th century erotic painting of India showing "clean" organs

Illustration Based on Kokashastra of Kalyanamalla
Circa 17th Century, Bengal
Illustrated Koka Shastra
Erotic Arts of India
Erotic Paintngs of India


Kamat's Potpourri Erotic Arts of India -- Index

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