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The Tryst with Destiny-- Table of Contents

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Keywords: freedom, itihas, mountbatten, midnight

Swadeshi Memorabilia
Woman weaves cloth under Gandhi's bust
From a picture postcard from 1940s
Congress Advertisement
Execution of Sepoys, 1858
Indian Soldiers Being Executed by British Canons
The aftermath of India's First War of Independence, 1858

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.
Freedom Fighters
Subhash Chandra Bose
Subhash Chandra Bose Making a Radio Broadcast
Picture Courtesy: All India Radio, Bangalore

Gandhian Freedom Fighters
Pictures of Vaman and Vithal Hodike, Town of Sirsi
Portraits of Freedom Fighters

Lala Lajpatrai (1865-1928)
Known as Punjab Kesari (the Lion of Punjab), was a prominent leader and freedom fighter. He was killed by British during a peaceful protest; his death was avenged by Bhagat Singh.

Ashfaqualla Khan, Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighters of India
Sarojini Naidu
Portrait of Sarojini Naidu
Picture from the 1938 Congress Convention Volume

Salt March to Break the Law
A photograph of 1930 from Ankola showing the non-violent civil disobedience movement
Deep and Long Arms of Congress
The Salt Movement
Civil Disobedience in Action

Soldiers of Non-violence Marching to Break Law
The Salt Movement, 1930
The Salt Movement
The Salt Movement
Satyagrahis squatting on the beach to break law

Police Roughing-up the Satyagrahis
A 1930 photograph shows non-violent protesters being beaten up
The Salt Movement
Indian Artistocrat
Khan Mohammad Abbas Khan
A liberal reformer, Khan Mohammad Abbas Khan belonged to the Democratic party, which formed a coalition with Congress and served as the interim minister for industries.

C. Rajagopalachari (1878 - 1972)
Well known as Rajaji, Rajagopalachari was close friend of Gandhi, and served several terms in prison for his political activities. Later (1959) he founded the Freedom Party
Picture of Rajaji
Portrait of Dadabhai Naoroji
Dadabhai Navroji (1825-1917)
Navroji was an important pillar of Indian nationalistc movement and served as president of Indian National Congress during 1886, 1893, and 1906.

Bhagwan Das (1869-1958)
A myriad minded genius and a Gandhian, Dr. Das was a prominent congressman from Uttara Pradesh. A brilliant scholar, he served as the Chancellor of Kashi Vidyapeeth.
Bhagwan Das
Jamnalal Bajaj
Portrait of Jamnalal Bajaj
Bajajji was fervent follower of Gandhi and played an important role in industrialization of India after independence.

Anjali Ammal
Born in a poor weaver's family, Ammal joined Ganhi's call for Satyagraha and served prison sentence. Social worker and reformer. Later she served Madras assembly.
Anjali Ammal
Narottam Morarji
Narottam Morarji
Portrait of Norattam Morarji, an pro-congress industrialist and a freedom fighter

Picture of Kamala Nehru
Kamala Nehru
Congressman, Journalist K.S.Bhat
Kadengodlu Shankar Bhat

Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray (1861-1944)
Sir P.C. Ray was a great apostle of home-rule (Swadeshi)
Freedom Fighters of India
Women Freedom Fighters of India
Maharani of Travancore
Picture of Maharani Sri Setu Parvatibai

Indira Nehru
A 1938 Photograph shows young Indira
Women Freedom Fighters
Women Freedom Fighters
Annie Besant
Altough of European by birth, Besant inspired many Indians to fight for freedom

Anugrah Narayan Sinha
Sinha was an eminent Congressman from Bihar
Freedom Fighters of India
Freedom Fighters of India
Congressman Balakrishna Sharma (1897-1960)
Picture of poet, philosopher and a leader Balakrishna Sharma

Babu Purushottamdas Tandon
Tandon sevred as the speaker of United Province during Congress rule
Freedom Fighters of India
Freedom Fighters of India
V. I. Muniswamy Pillai
Pillai was elected to Madras assembly on a Congress ticket, and served as the Minister for Agriculture

Balaji Bhawansa Walvekar
(a.k.a Baboorao) Walvekar was a Congress leader from Maharashtra
Congress Leaders
Bhograju Pattabhi Sitaramayya
B. Pattabhi Sitaramiah (1880 - 1959)
Photograph by Vanguard for 1938 Congress Commemorative Volume

Deshabandhu Chittaranjan Das
Chittaranjan Das
Leaders of India`s Freedom Struggle
Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Sardar Vallabhai Patel
President of Indian National Congress, 1931 Karachi Convetion
Presidents of Congress
Congress Presidents
Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad
President of Special Convention of 1923 (Delhi) Indian National Congress

Deshbandhu Chitta Ranjan Das (1870-1925)
Freedom fighter of India and President of Gaya Convention (1922) of Indian National Congress
C.R. Das
Motilal Nehru
Pandit Motilal Nehru
Nehru served as the President of Indian National Congress during 1919 (Amritsar) and 1928 (Calcutta) Conventions

Nawasb Syed Muhammad Bahadur
President of Congress Convention of Karachi in 1913
Eminent Congressmen
Presidents of Congress Party
Rao Bahadur Raghunath Narasinha Mudholkar
President of Indian National Congress during Bankipore (1912) Convention

Gopal Krishna Gokhale (1866-1915)
Gokhale was one of the most prominent of leaders of India during the 19th century, and was a mentor to Gandhi. Founded Servants of India Society in 1905
President of Congress, 1905
Presidents of Congress
Henry Cotton (1845-1915)
President of 1904 Congress Convention

N.G. Chandavarkar (1855-1923)
President of Indian National Congress, 1900 Lahore Convention
Narayan Ganesh Chandavarkar
Congress Records
George Yule
President of Indian National Congress during 1888 Allahabad Convetion

Alan Octavian Hume
Founder of Indian National Congress
A. O. Hume
Madam Cama and Indian Flag
Madam Cama and the First Flag of Free India

Veerapandia Kattabomman
Kattabomman was a brave Indian chieftain, and was one of the first to resisted the British imperial interest in India
Stamp of Virapandya Kattabomman
Stamp of Tilak
Bal Gangadhar Tilak (1856-1920)
Detail from an Indian Postage Stamp

March of Satyagrahis in Goa
Press clipping of protestors marching for Goa's freedom
Liberation of Goa
Tagore with Gandhi
Tagore and Gandhi
The two leading thinkers of 20th century India

Kamaladevi Chattopadhaya
Detail from a publicity campaign of early 1940s
Calendars of Indian Freedom Era
Congressmen of Karnataka
Da. Pa. Karamarakar
Freedom fighter and leader of Karnataka

When India Became Free!
Pictures of India's Freedom Movement
August 15, 1947
Ram Manohar Lohia
Lohia at Congress Convention
August 8, 1942

Celebration of Bardoli Day
Surat, June 12, 1928
Bardoli Satyagraha
Congress Archives
Bidhan Chandra Roy (1882 - 1962)
Dr. Roy was a respected physiciam and an eminent Congressman from Bengal during the Freedom Struggle. He served as the Chief Minister of West Bengal after freedom.

Tribute to Martyrs
Detail from Indian Postage
India`s Freedom Struggle


Kamat's Potpourri The Tryst with Destiny-- Table of Contents

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