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Hinduism Potpourri

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Four Headed Brahma, Ballegavi
Hindu Deities
Avatars of  Lord Vishnu
The Varaha Avatar

Shiva and Parvati riding on Nandi the bull, Lepakshi
Wall Paintings of Lepakshi
Hindu Sages and Philosophers
Shankaracharya, the great reformer of Hinduism
Shankaracharya advocated the Advaita (monism) philosophy
Detail from a picture postcard

A Brahmin Vatu (student) begs his first meal
Initiatiation of a Brahmin Student
Hanuman, the Monkey
Hanuman, the Monkey

Warrior Arjuna Seeks Lord Krishna's Advice
Picture from a calendar painting. Original artist is not known
The Preaching of the Gita
Man Dressed as Hanuman
Man Dressed as Hanuman the Monkey

Hanuman the Son of Wind God
Deity Hanuman the Son of Wind God
Goddess Durga
Goddess Durga Punishing the Demon

Hindu Saint Shankaracharya
He revived Hinduism and advocated the Advaita (monism) philosophy
From a picture postcard -original artist not known
Hindu Saint Shankaracharya
Holy Men of India
The Anandashram Swamiji of Shirali Muth

The Swamiji of the Gokarn Paratgali Muth
Holy Men of India
Holy Men of India
Raghavendra Swamiji Offering Prayers to a Linga

Raghavendra Swamiji of Mantralaya
Holy Men of India
"The Hindu Monk from India"
Swami Vivekananda - the Most Famous Hindu Monk

Portrait of Ramana Maharshi
Outstanding Personalities
Great People of India
Saint Tulasidas Writing His Masterpiece Ramacharitamanas

Philosopher Madhvacharya
Great People of India
A Sadhu at Varanasi
A Sadhu at Varanasi

Ganesh in Stained Glass
Artwork by Juan S. Rodriguez
Ganapati in Satined Glass Artwork
Swami Sahajanandji
Sahajananda Swami (1781-1830)
A prominent Vaishnava Saint from Gujarat
Illustration based on a 19th Century Woodblock print

The Ladies Giving a Crash Course in Food Preparation to the Understudy
Anatomy of a Upanayanam
Anatomy of a Upanayanam
The Shaving of the Head Ritual

Going, Going, Gone!
Anatomy of a Upanayanam
Anatomy of a Upanayanam
The Matru-Bhojana Ritual

Hindu Boy with Sacred Thread Carrying Water
Anatomy of a Upanayanam
Picnic in the Himalayas
Romance of Shiva and Parvati
Notice the Nandi, the bull

Lord Shiva Performing the Cosmic Dance
Homework: Identify the assembled audience.
The Tandava Nritya

Chandra Mouli, Bell-Metal Icon of Lord Shiva
Mysore Maharaja's artifact, CBI Collection

Shiva the Magnificient
Sculpture at the Kailas Temple, Ellora

Six Handed Lord Shiva by G. Gnanananda
Illustration of Lord Shiva based on a sculptural textbook of Sri Kashyapa Shilpa Shastram (1st Century A.D.)

Keeping track of Gifts
A Vatu lists the gifts received during an Upanayana ceremony
Gifts During Munji

A Vatu Eating on a Banana Leaf

Lord Shiva in Gesso Art work
Four Armed Lord Shiva
Head of a Sarawat Sect
Swamiji of Chitrapur Muth
Sadyojata Shankarshrama Swamiji of Chitrapur

Shiva and Parvati
Pencil sketch on paper by K.L.Kamat
Lord Shiva and  Parvati
Holymen of India
Picture of a Sadhu (Ascetic)
City of Patna, Bihar

Swami Sahajand Saraswati
We rarely see ascetics who pursue spirituality participate in political and social reform. Sahajanandji was one of those rare freedom fighters.
Holy Man and Freedom Fighter
Kaupina Clad Shiva
Depiction of Lord Shiva as a Wandering Ascetic
Watercolor painting on paper, South India, 19th century

Lord Shiva as Dakshinamurthi
Dakshinamurthi is the first guru in the South Indian tradition
Shiva in Indian Art
Saraswat Brahmin Priest
Priest Krishna Sharma
Gopalakrishna Temple, Honavar

The priest advising about Vatu's duties
The Upanayana Ceremony
Mystic Sai Baba
Sai Baba of Shirdi


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