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Kavi Art Picture Index

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Garuda the King of Birds
Garuda in Kavi Art
Ishwar and Parvati
Kavi Art Mural
Mural shows five headed god dancing with his consort in his arms

Kavi art of coastal Karnataka
Karavali Photo Album
Lakshmi and Vishnu
Laxmi and Vishnu, Kavi Art, Karnataka

Romance of Lord Vishnu and Wife Laxmi
Kavi art murals are found on the Indian west coast. In the mural above, the couple is shown relaxing on a five hooded snake
Romance of Lord Vishnu and Laxmi
Wall mural of a Guardian
Temple Guardian -- from a wall mural in Karnataka

Parashurama in Kavi Art
Parashurama Represented in Kaviart
Vishnu in Kaviart
Four Armed Lord Vishnu
Monochrome Kavi artwork, Western India

Kamadhenu in Kavi Art
Kamadhenu in Kavi Mural
Portrait of a Warrior
Marvels in Monochrome
Portrait of Lord Rama in Kavi Art

Man with Gun on Shoulder
Man with Gun on Shoulder

Bhasmasura and Mohini from a Kavi Mural

Lord Vishnu and Laxmi relaxing on the five-hooded cobra Shesha
Kavi Murals
A Horse Rider
A rider depicted in Kavi art

Lord Vishnu in "Kalkyavatar"
Detail from a Kavi wall mural
Vishnu as Kalki
Mythology in Kavi Art
Vishnu flies with his two wives on "Garuda."

Lord Rama with His Bow
Gohasti - Mystery Picture - Cow or Elephant?
Go-Hasti: The Kavi Artist Integrates a Cow and an Elephant into one picture

Guru Madhvacharya
Sage Madhwacharya
Sage Narad in Kavi Art
Narad-muni with "Tipri" in hands.

A Door Guardian (Dwarapalaka) in Kavi Art
A Temple Guardian
Itched Murals from Hindu Temples
Kavi Mural from Karnataka

Garuda in a Kavi Mural
Kavi Art of Konkan Coast
Decaying Kavi Wall Art
Kavi Wall Mural
Konkan Coast, Karnataka

Lord Vishnu as a Wild Boar
Beautiful Kavi art mural of Varahavatar (the avatar as a boar)
Boar as Savior
Arjuna`s Chariot
Krishna Chariots Arjuna's Cart
Note the arrows flying in the air. Kavi art mural

Garuda Carrying Lord Vishnu
Kavi art (red graffitto art) from a temple in the village of Hosad
Garuda and Vishnu
A Kavi Art Panel
Three-legged Shrungi with Priest
Detail from Kavi Art Mural

Delapitated Kavi Murals in a Temple
Kavi Art on a Temple Wall

Vamana Avatar
Incarnation of Lord Vishnu as a dwarf

Lord Vishnu in Kavi Art
Detail from a Kavi mural
Kavi Art Murals
Temple Decoration in Kavi Art
Garuda Fights a Snake
Detail from a Kavi art mural

Goddess Saraswati
Detail from a Kavi Art Mural
Kavi Art of Konkan Coast
Kavi Art of Konkan
Depiction of Draupadi in Kavi Art
Detail from art in Sriramachandra Temple, Honavar

Kavi Paintings on a Temple Wall
Kavi Art of Western India
Kavi Art Murals
Kavi Art Designs on a Temple Wall
Picture shows how designs are featured at every corner of the temple

Vishnu as Vaman the Dwarf
Detail from a carefully restored Kavi art mural, Honavar, 2005
Kavi Art Painting
Kavi Murals
Beautiful Kavi Art Painting
Detail from Rama Temple, Honavar, 2005

Kavi Art Mural
Puranic scenes from a temple, Honavar
Kavi Art of Konkan Coast
Kavi Art Mural
Mystical Celestial

Depiction of a Guard
Detail from Kavi Art mural from Marikamba Temple, Sirsi
Kavi Art of Sirsi
Kavi Art Murals
Mermaids in Kavi Art

Warrior with a Bow
Detail of a Kavi Art mural
Kavi Art of Konkan Coast
Kavi Art of Konkan Coast
Temple Decorated with Kavi Art
Monastery of Ten Citizens ("Dha Jana;e Muth"), Honavar

Seven Hooded Serpent
Kalinga serpent in Kavi Art
Kavi Art of Konkan Coast
Kavi Murals
Krishna as Muralidhar
Kavi mural depicts Krishna a a flute player

A Dilapitated Kavi Mural
Kavi Art of Konkan Coast


Kamat's Potpourri Kavi Art Picture Index

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