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Pictures and Tales from Indian Mythologies

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Keywords: mythology

Krishna Milking a Cow
Dairy Lover Lord Krishna
Hindu Deities
Statue of Hanuman -- (Mukhyaprana)
Depiction of Hanuman as the controller of life

Three-legged Mythical Figure, Shrungi
Mythological Characters
Gandhari  by Nandalal Bose
Blind folded Gandhari and a Maid on Balcony
by Nandalal Bose

Wall Painting of Hanuman in Rajasthan
Hanuman on the wall
The Bed of Arrows
Bhishma Lies on the Bed of Arrows
A Rangoli Painting

Humiliation of Draupadi and Krishna's Rescue
A Rangoli Painting
Humiliation of Draupadi
Damayanti Swayamvara
The Swayamvara Wedding
Painting by Nandalal Bose

Lakshagriha Dahana (Burning of Lacquer House)
Spread powder art (Rangoli) by Trimbhak Joshi
The House of Lacquers
Discovery of Duryodhana
Bheema Finds Duryodhana Immersed in Water
Bheema finds Duryodhana in Dwaipavana lake.
A scene from the Mahbharata war. Spread powder painting by Trimbhak Joshi

Bhima Finds Duryodhana Hidden in Lake
Rangoli Painting by Trimbak Joshi
Discovery of Duryodhana
Warrior Abhimanyu
Death of Abhimanyu
Spread powder art (Rangoli) by artist Ravindra More

Draupadi, the Wife of Pandava Brothers
Kavi mural from Mahalasa Narayani temple, Kumta
Queen of Pandavas
Hanuman in Kavi Art
Rama's Follower Hanuman
Depiction of Hanuman in Kavi Art

Far Reach of Long Hands!
Krishna with a consort
Krishna and his Exploits
Sage Vyasa
Veda Vyasa is the author of "Mahabharata".
Maharshi Vyasa (a.ka. Krishna Dvaipayana) is both an early character as well the author of Mahabharat epic.

"Savitri and Satyvan" by Artist Ardhenduprasad Banerji
The love story of Satyavan and princess Savitri is a famous sub-story from Mahabharat
Satyavan Savitri
Women of Indian Mythologies
Sati Savitri
The tale of Satyavan and Savitri is a popular story of love and sacrifice

Mascular Hanuman in Prayer
Painting from a Goan Temple
Hanuman as Devotee
Krishna in Indian Art
Krishna Rajasthani Painting
Lord Krishna playing Holi with Gopis

Rama's Hermitage - Painting by Jamini Roy
Depiction of Ramayana in Indian Art
Dasharatha Gets  the Boon of Progeny
Sage Goutama Blesses the king Dasharatha with a fertility fruit
Painting from an ancient Sanskrit text

Celestials from a Sanskrit Text
Parrot nose and other assistants of Hindu deities
Characters from Mythology
Hanuman Meets Sita
Hanuman takes Rama's Ring to Sita
Depiction of Ramayana in Indian Art

Hanuman Fights King Rawana's Army
18th Century Mysore Traditional Art. Ramayana War in Indian Art

Krishna licking butter off his foot
Glass Painting, Shashwati collection

Rawana from a Sibi Temple Painting
Notice his numerous arms and a naked body
Mythological Creature
Celestial Creature in Kavi Art
Detail from a monochrome temple mural

Krishna Rescues the Elephant from the Crocodile
Gajendra Moksha illustration from the Gokarn Paratgali Jeevotham Math Collection
Rescue of the Devoted Elephant
Krishna as Govardhana Giridhari
Krishna Lifts a Mountain to Shelter Cows and Women
Gokarn Paratgali Jeevotham Math Collection, Goa

Krishna and Radha Enjoy Nature
Rajasthani Painting
Krishna and Radha
Pictures from Hindu Mythology
Six Headed Deity Riding a Swan
Sculpture of Lord Kartikeya

Vishnu as a Wild Boar (Varahavatar)
Badami Sculpture, Chalukya Period
Avatars of Lord Vishnu
Ganesh in Indian Art
Eight Handed Lord Ganesh

Ten Headed Rawana
Detail from a Kavi Art mural, Southwest India
Rawana in Indian Art
Tribal Hanuman Sculpture
Sculpted Statue of Hanuman with a Club
Village of Jamunjari, 1976

Lord Brahma and Adhiti - 19th Century Illustration
Saraswati Mahal Library Collection, Tanjore
Daughter or Lover?
Ramayana Sculpture
Hanuman, Laxman, and Jatayu attending to Rama
Bhatkal temple sculpture of 16th century A.D.

Lord Rama Conquers Varuna
Painting by Raja Ravi Varma. Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery, Mysore
Sri Rama Vanquishing the Sea
Death of Jatayu by Ravi Varma
Jatayu, a bird devotee of Lord Rama is mauled by Rawana
Painting by Ravi Varma, Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery Collection, Mysore

Lord Krishna as an Envoy
Painting by Raja Ravi Varma
Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery Collection
Krishna The Diplomat
King Shantanu and Satyavati
Shantanu Meets the Fishergirl Satyavati and Falls in Love
Thus begins the great epic of Mahabharata

Idol of Ten Headed Rawana
Rawana, the king of Sri Lanka
Krishna Tames Kaliya
Taming of the Evil Serpent
Kaliya Mardan - Medieval Sculpture

Arjuna Quenches Bhishma's Thirst as he Lies on a Bed of Arrows and Krishna Looks On
Picture from an Illustrated Manuscript, Gokarn Paratgali Muth Collection, Goa
The Bed of Arrows

Duryodhana Hiding Under Water
Notice his holding of the breath and the fish under the water -- Gokarn Paratgali Muth Collection, Goa

Hanuman Meets Sita in Ashoka Garden
A Temple Sculpture from Kurudumalai
Hanuman in Indian Mythology
Shurpanakhis Insult
The Humiliation of Shurpanakhi
Lakshman Cuts of the Nose of Rawana's Sister -- Painting from Anjaneya Temple, Mulbagil

Krishna the Mischief Monger
Painting shows Krishna climbing a tree with the clothes of bathing girls
Mischievous Krishna
Mythical Creatures
Fantastic Animals
Illustration from Sougandhikaparinaya lithograph

Krishna Climbs a Tree after Stealing Women's Clothes
Gopika Vastraharan as depicted in a Gokarn temple sculpture
Krishna in Indian Art
Gods of Seduction
Kamadeva and his wife Rati
Deity Kama and Raitidevi are inspiration for all erotic activities

Krishna Kills Bakasura
Sculpture shows an episode from Bhagawata where child Krishna tearing apart the evil crane Bakasura.
Killing of the Crane Demon
Yashoda Gets Baby Krishna
Vasudeva Gives Away Boy Krishna to Yashoda
Painting from a temple in Mulabagil town

Painting from Srinivasa Temple, Mulbagil
Mythological tales are illustrated on the walls of temples
Indian Mythologies
Janaka finds Sita
Janaka Finds Sita
Painting from Srinivasa Temple, Mulbagil

Rama Liberates Ahalya
Detail from a Mural in Karnataka
Yashodhara and Krishna
Yashoda with Infant Krishna
Traditional South Indian Painting

The Army of Super Creatures
Illustration from Sougandhika Parinaya - 19th Century

The Battle of Ramayana
Duel of Rama and Rawana, Mysore traditional painting from a private collection, Nanjanagudu

Three Legged Devotee Bhringi
Mysore Traditional Painting, Nanjanagudu

Picture of King Rawana
Mysore traditional painting, Nanjanagudu

Hanuman from a Wall Relief
The village of Chote-Dongar
Haniman in Indian Art
Lord Krishna in Myrore Traditional Art
Krishna the Butter Lover
Mysore traditional painting, Jaganmohan palace art collection, Mysore

An Incomplete Sculpture of Hanuman
Remains of a school of scultpture (?), Sravanabelagola
Hanuman in Indian Art
Mahabharata Yakshagana
Depiction of the Gadayudha Epic
A Yakshagana dance performance depicting duel of clubs between Bheema and Duryodhana

Naked Women asking Krishna for their Clothes
Krishna from Gunavante chariot
Clothes Stealer
Ramayan in Temple Art
The War of Ramayana
Detail from a Haladipur pillar

Rama's Army of Monkeys
Detail from Ganjifa artwork
The Monkey Army
Kurma Carrying Dharani
Celestial Dharani rides a Turtle
Depiction of Indian mythology in Indian art.
Detail from Ganjeefa artwork by artist Raghupati Bhat

When Hanuman became Old
Hanuman in Indian Art
Hanuman in Indian Art
Hanuman in Obeyance
Detail from a Mysore Traditional Painting, Nanjanagudu

Hanuman with Sanjeevani Mountain
Deatil from a painted leather puppet
Hanuman in Indian Art
Depiction of Gardua
Garuda the Mythical Bird
Detail from a South Indian Painting

Krishna Playing a Flute
Detail from Madhubani folk painting
Krishna in Indian Art
Krishna Leela in Indian Art
Detail from a miniature painting, Partakali Math, Goa

The Mystifying Architecture of Indraprstha
Rangoli Painting by Vijay Rane
 Magic of Indraprastha
Killing of King Vali
Rama Shoots an Arrow Through Seven Trees
Sculpture depicting a scnene from Ramayana, Halebidu sculpture

Kauravas Challenge Pandavas for a Game of Dice
Spread power art (Rangoli) by artist Vijay Rane, January 1999
Game of Dice
The Fish Avatar
Matsyavatar -- Vishnu as the Rescuing Fish
Detail from a temple sculpture, Bhatkal, 16th century A.D.

The Descent of Ganga
Painting by Ravi Varma depicts arrival of river Ganges from heaven
Bhagirath`s Efforts
Pandavas at Royal Sacrifice
Rajasuya Sacrifice of Pandavas
Detail from a 19th century painting, Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishad

Ten Headed, Twenty Armed King Rawana
Detail from a Kavi Art mural, Sri Rama Mandir, Honavar
Twenty Armed Rawana
Mischievous Krishna
Krishna the Clothes Thief
Girls are shown asking Krishna to descend from the tree

Sacrifices Yield Boon Giving Pudding
Rishyashringa performed the holy sacrifice and the final day of the event, a dark skinned deity appeared from sacrificial alter and handed over a vessel of payasam to Dasharatha. He distributed the pudding equally between his three queens.
Dasharatha Gets Boon of Payasam
Rama Kills Vali
Killing of Vali Monkey
Painting by Balasaheb Pant Pratinidhi

Rama gives his ring to Maruti, so Sita can recognize him as a messenger
Painting by Balasaheb Pant Pratinidhi
The Signet Ring
Tales from Indian Mythologies
Hanuman Mistakes the Sun for a Fruit
Painting by Balasaheb Pant Pratinidhi

Hanuman Encounters Sita in Ashokavana
Painting by Balasaheb Pant Pratinidhi
Hanuman Meets Sita
Monkeys Help in Bridge Construction
The Bridging of Indian Ocean
Volunteer monkeys building a bridge to Sri Lanka

Duel of Rawana and Sugreeva
Painting by Balasaheb Pant Pratinidhi
Rawana in Indian Art
Education in Vedic Times
Sandipani Teaching Krishna and Sudhama
Painting by T.K. Sharma for Kalyan magazine

Rama's Devotion to Teacher, Father, and Mother
Education of Rama
Stories from Indian Mythology
Narad Teaching Kayadhu
Kayadhu later married Hiranyakashapu and bore Pralhad

Four Headed Brahma
Illustration by B.K. Mitra for Kalyan
Creator Deity
Education of Krishna
Sandipani Guru Teaching Krishna and Sudama

Narad Advising a Devotee
Teacher Narad
Story of Prahlad
Lion Faced Vishnu Destroys Hiranyakashipu
Illustration from a mythological magazine

Agni the Fire
Illustration from Agnipuran
All Consuming Agni
Garudasthambh Artifact
Garuda, the King of Birds
Detail from a Garuda Pillar, Goa


Kamat's Potpourri Pictures and Tales from Indian Mythologies

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