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The People of India

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Lambanis, the Gypsies of India
Gypsy Women
Veena Artist
Veena maestro Doraiswamy Iyengar

Lambani Woman on way to Marketplace
Gypsy Woman
Toda Elder of Nilgiri Mountains
Toda Village Elder, Ooty

A Man belonging to Native Maratha (kad-maratha) Community
Indigenous People of India
Halakki Community
Halakki Gowda Farmer
Halakki Man making Turayi ( a decorative Head gear) for Harvest Festival

A Village Woman
On the Streets of India
Halakki Tribals
Grandma Gowdati (Halakki Lady) caring for a Child

Toda Woman Engaged in Embroidery
Tribal Picture Gallery
Dome of a Shiva temple
A Lingayat Temple

A Muslim Mother and Her Child
Mother and child belonging to the Navayat community. They are of Persian descent and live primarily on the Southwestern coast.
Navayati Woman and Child
The Kodavas
Huttari Dancer from Coorg

A drummer of the Santhal tribe, West Bengal
Santali Drummer
Gypsy Woman and her Jewelry
A decked-up Lambani woman

Basaveshwara, the Revolutionary Saint
Portrait from a calendar painting
Sage Basavanna
A Lambani lady embroidering a piece of yellow cloth

A Banjara (Gypsy) woman, lost in the intricate world of Kasooti (needle craft)
The Lambani Community
Lambani Community
Very Colorful Attire of the Lambanis

Fish Market Snapshots
Fishermen of Uttara Kannada
Veerashaiva Temples
Veerashaiva (Lingayat) temples of Uluvi

Engraved Water Buffalo of the Todas
Rock art from Tamilnadu
The Toda Community
Todas of Nilgiri
Image of the Moon is Very Sacred to the Todas

Man belonging to Grameen Gouli (rural milkman) Community
The attire of his tribe has not changed in centuries
People of India
Tibetans in India
A Student of Tibetan Buddhism
Tibetan settlement, Mundgod

Tibetans in Traditional Costumes
At a Tibetan Refugee Camp
People of India
Black, Indian, and Hindu!
Notice the Mangalasutra and the Holy Dot

Boy riding water buffalo to work, West Bengal
Rajaput Heritage
Rajput Couple Riding a Camel

The monkhood of a Brahmin boy
Upanayanam of a Vatu
Todas of Nilgiri
Toda man in traditional shawl
Ooty, Nilgiri mountains, Tamil Nadu

Widow of a Mahut (Elephant Trainer)
A housewife of the Jenu-Kuruba (honey-bee farmers) community, Heggededevana Kote
Jenu-Kuruba Woman
Muslims in India
Navayats: Konkani speaking Muslims
Photo Plate showing mosques and people of Bhatkal town

A patient of Leprosy takes to begging as his means of living
Interviews with Poverty
Halakki Tribal Woman
Light heart cures poverty

A push cart is his mode of transportation.

"The Camera Blitz is Blinding Me Uncle!"

"Will my picture be shown in theaters?"

"Do you think I am Photogenic?"

Man Dressed As a Woman Poses Backstage for a Photo
Cross Dressing in Indian Theater
Cross Dressing in Indian Theater
"I asked the director not to place me in a feminine role!!!"

Man Dressed as the Mythological Character of Shurpanakhi
Cross Dressing in Indian Theater
Cross Dressing in Indian Theater
"Ghosts are Male or Female?"

Portrait of S.N. Krishna Jois
Krishna Jois is a great Kannada scholar, and edited such works as Supashastra.
Scholars and Learned Men

Man Dressed as a Woman for Krishna -Parijata Play

A Man Elaborately Dresses as a Woman for a Play
Indian Muslims
Portrait of a Muslim Woman
Portrait of a Muslim woman with a huge nose ring

She is very rich in beads.
Leader of Tarle Dance of Halakki Community. The Dance is offered to invoke the rain God

She loads the garbage in a bamboo basket

Dr. R. K. Narayan. Well-known English writer
Famous Indians

General Carriappa

Dr. Raja Ramanna. An atomic energy expert
Famous Indians
Pictures of Halakki Tribe
Pictures of Halakki Community

Fishermen Community of Uttara Kannada
Fishermen Communities
Poorest Among the Poor
"If my suffering is Lord`s wish, I accept it"

Portrait of a Beggar
Poorest Among the Poor
Poorest Among the Poor
The Face of Poverty

Portrait of a Homeless Man, Bangalore
Poorest Among the Poor
Kudubis of Karnataka
Never Been Photographed
Picture of a woman belonging to the Kudubi community

Laborer Siblings on way to Forest
People of Forest
Kudubis of Karnataka
Kunubi Dancer
Picture of a Kudubi folk dancer, Ravindra Kala Kshetra, Bangalore

Kudubi Folk Dancer
Notice the drub Gumate with its braod and narrow ends
Kudubis of Karnataka
Kudubis of Karnataka
The Gumatepak Dance

Never Been to a Dentist!
The Women of India
The Yellamma (Devadasi) Cult
A Devadasi (Jogathi) carrying a copper vessel on her head

Given to God
Portrait of a Devadasi (temple woman)
Cowrie (Kavade) Decorations of a Devotee
Goddess Renuka`s Head
Metal idol of Goddess Yellamma's Head

A Young 'Jogavva' on her way to seek alms
The Yellamma (Devadasi) Cult
Followers of the Yellamma (Devadasi) Cult
A Jogappa and four Jogathis (devotees of Yellamma) performing to please their deity

Dedicated to Goddess -- Dedicated to Men
Portrait of a Devadasi (Temple Woman)
Dedicated to Goddess -- Dedicated to Men
Subhas Chandra Bose
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in INA Uniform

Now you know why they are called `Sweat Shops`
Konkani Heritage Album
Portrait of Prof. Saletore
Portrait of Prof. B. A. Saletore

"Is it OK for a widow to be photographed?"
Jogati Manjamma
A Devotee Balancing an Idol
Pictures of the mysterious Yellamma cult, Bellary

The Burden of Beads
Picture of a Halakki tribal woman. This used to be the tribe's daily (not festive) attire.
Picture of a Halakki Gowdati
Daldi Community
Portrait of a Daldi Fisherwoman

Siddi Brothers
The African Indians
Never Been Photographed
"You educated can do all kinds of things!"

"How much do you charge to take my Photograph?"
Never Been Photographed
Never Been Photographed
Elderly Man Belonging to the Gouli Community

Abel, the Village Tailor
Never Been Photographed
Unusual Professions of India
Travelling Knife and Scissors Sharpner
Picture of Mehboob the knife sharpener

Rag Picker Boy, Bangalore 2000
Trash Pickers
Rag Picker Boy Poses
Rag Picker Boy, Yeshwantpur
Orphaned by the death of his mother, boy takes to rag picking

Smiling Lambani Woman
The village of Sonduru in Bellary District
Gypsy Communities of India
The Women of India
Lambadi Beauty
Bearing five daughters does not seem to age this woman, Sondur, 1992

Woman Embroidering Cloth
Sonduru, Bellary district, 1992
Extreme Laborer
Woman Laborer
Woman construction worker breaks stone with a hammer

Destitute Woman
Many poor people in India take up trashpicking to sustain themselves
Trash Pickers of India

Traditional Iyengari Lady
Portrait of Mrs. Masti Venkatesh Iyengar

Fisherman with Daily Catch
The Kharvi Community
Indian Fishermen Communities
Tibetan Culture in India
Decoated Wooden Panel
Tibetan Art, Mundgod

"Let me see who did it" !
A Tibetan Boy in Mundgod Refugee Center
Tibetan Boy

Lambani Women from Dharwad

Tribals Making Festival Headgear from Bamboos
Halakki tribes celebrate the harvest festival with these decorated Turayis
Halakki Tribal Community
Ritual Art of Halakki Tribe
Alpana Ritual Art of the Halakki Tribals

Folk Musicians, the Village of Kavalakki
Harvest dance of the Halakki farmers
Celebration of Harvest
Goan Woman
A Goan Woman in Marketplace

Pioneer Shivaram Karanth
Picture Taken 1954 Kannada Literary Conference in Kumta
The Aborginal People of India
A Kadu-Kuruba Tribal


Kamat's Potpourri The People of India

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