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Kamat's (Real and Imaginary) Animals

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Keywords: animals ,prani

Nagamandala, the Snake Web
Cirlce of Snakes
Somewhere in time
An Elephant Goes to Work
Elephant carrying a wooden log at H.D. Kote, Karnataka

Lone Tusker in Bandipur National Forest
Loner in the Forest
Animal Motifs in Indian Art
Animal Life Depicted in Period Art
Line drawings based on ancient sculptures

Letter writing and the use of birds as messengers
Detail from Painting on Daria Daulat palace, Srirangapattana
Birds as Messengers
Kamat`s Animals
The biggest cat of them all

The majestic roar of the lion
Kamat`s Animals
Kamat`s Animals
The majestic roar of the lion

Logo of the Gangas
The royal seal of Ganga kings featuring an elephant
Ganga Kings
Snake Charmer
Snake charmer from a medieval sculpture

Baya weaver bird (Ploceus philipinus), Ranganatittu
Ranganatittu Bird Sanctuary
Leather Puppets
The Seven Hooded Cobra, Kalinga

A Painted Stork near Ranganatittu in Karnataka
A Painted Stork
The Snake Couple
Union of the Snake Couple
Ancient Indian Sculpture Shows Mating Snake Couple

The Snake and The Charmer from a Puppet Show
Birds of India
A Pond Heron (Ardeola grayii)

Naga-Nagini - The Snakes in Embrace
Hoysala period sculpture, Belur
The Snake Couple
Lord Krishna in Indian Art
Boy Krishna Tames the Evil Serpent Kalinga
Sacred illustration at Kini's residence, the village of Sulkod

Painted stork, Mycteria Leucicephala
Birds of India
A female painted stork at a nesting site

Cheetahs are a Leopard's Nearest Relatives
Pictorial Tour of India
A street side snake charmer dances his cobra

Made for Each Other -- The Dovey Couple
Bronzewinged Doves (Chalcophas indica)
The Dovey Couple
Birds of India
Night Heron Landing on a Treetop

Jungle Crow
Birds of India
Birds of India
Two Young Painted Storks in their Nest

The Snake Charmer and his Pet
Snake Charmer and his King-Cobra
Elephant in Musth
Sculpture of Elephant in Rut
Sculpture from Cave No. 3, Ajanta

Rhinoceros, Mysore Zoo
The Black Rhino
Kamat`s Insects
Love Stuck - Painted Grasshoppers
Kamat's Insects

Praying "Praying Mantis"
Photograph shows a mantis kneeling down with a head bow.
Kamat`s Insects
Praying Mantis
Insect or Bird?
Praying Mantis

A Deer Roaming free in Bandipur National Park

Mud Wasp in Nest
Kodachadri forest, Shimoga District

A Frog in the Well (Rana tigrina)
The Indian Crow
Indian Crow in Hiding

Bird in Flight
Picture of Night Heron
Night Heron

Egret in Flight

Garden Lizard Performing Ballet
Garden Lizard
Playful Squirrel and his Lizard Buddy
The Coexistence
A squirrel and a lizard play on a bark of a Neem tree

Male Asiatic Lion
Banneraghatta National Park, near Bangalore
Lions of India
Life of a Praying Mantis
Egg Capsule of Praying Mantis

Nature's Janitors
Crows feeding on a rat
Scavenging Crows

The Angel Butterfly
Butterflies of India

Painted Storks, the Village of Belluru
Mysore, 1985
Painted Storks

Ant Fight
Notice how one has bitten the antenna of the other

A Crow Mother Feeds Child
Indian Crows
The Indian Crow
"Feed Me First!"
A Crow Family Nurturing the Young

In the Danger Zone
An eagle and a crow engage in a staring contest (drishtiyuddha)
Uneasy Proximity
Elephants of Mysore Dasara
Mysore Dasara Procession
Decorated elephants waiting their turn to walk the procession.

Lion of Bannerghatta National Park
Asiatic Lion
The Flying Elephants
The Flying Elephants
Illustration form 18th century manuscript Gaja Shastra. Tanjavur Museum Collection

The Mahut and His Pet
Mahuts are the elephant training people of India
The Mysore Zoo
Sumati the Gorilla
Mysore Zoo, Mysore

How do the ants cross water?
Caricature by K. L. Kamat

The unequal match of the termite couple
Caricature by K. L. Kamat

Queen Bee Kicks Out the Lazy Husband
Caricature by K. L. Kamat

Delicious Husband!
The Mentis Marriage Ends -- Carricature by K. L. Kamat

Ants Building a Leaf Building
The Queen of Ants
The Queen Ant
Caricature by K. L. Kamat

In Search of Livelihood

Donkeis Eating Trash
Bangalore, 2001

Kicking the Menacing
A donkey kicks the menacing kids

Opposites Attract
A black donkey and a white one in an intimate moment

Acting Beyond the Age!
A young donkey tries a position on a grown up

"Mother's Milk is the Best Food"

The Sunbathing Calf
Elephants of India
Herd of Wild Elephants Visiting a Water Point
Bandipur National Forest, Karnataka

A Majestic Tusker in the Wild
Indian Elephants
Elephants of India
The Lone Tusker
This elephant apparently lost his left tusk in a fight for a partner

A Domesticated Elephant
Elephants of India
Busy Ants
Ants at Work
Ants busy at work trying to fold a leaf into a nest

Ants at Work
Ants busy at work trying to fold a leaf into a nest
Ants at Work
Pleasing the Snakes
Offerings Made to the Snake Deity
Picture shows religious offerings made to the sculptures of snakes.

Temple Elephants
Feeding the Elephant God
A woman devotee feeding a temple elephant, Udupi

Garuda, a Sacred Bird of Hindus
Garuda is revered by Hindus as the vehicle of Lord Vishnu
Indian Eagle
 Kamat Goes to a Cock Fight
The Cock Fight

Use of Elephants and Horses in the Army
Detail from a relief, archeological site of Hampi
Military Animals
Underwater Animals
Underwater Life depicted in a Tumkur Painting
Notice a fantastic fish with three trunks and one head on the left hand side. This is a recurring theme in an 18th century art school.

Picture of a White Tiger
White tigers are nature's anomaly and make fascinating zoo exhibits. Mysore Zoo, Mysore, 1985
White Tiger
Navagunjara in Orissan Painting
Fantastic Animal Navagunjara
The artist has integrated body parts of nine animals into one.
Example of Patta painting, Orissa

Elephant Hunt
Cave painting of early historic period of Ahiraura depicts use of noisemakers and animals, just like the Khedda system prevalent in Mysore till 19th century
Pre-historic Khedda?
A Hawk and a Crow
Crossing the Highway
A vulture and a crow waiting by the roadside

Elephant, Amber Palace
Indian Elephants
Studying Ant
Insect Goes to School !
Caricature by K.L.Kamat

Stamps Featuring the Snakes of India
Clockwise from left -- Python, Bamboo Pit Viper, Gliding Snake, and King Cobra
Snake Stamps
Stories of Panchatantra
The Crows and the Snake

Snakes and Garuda
Detail from a temple mural
Garuda, Tormentor of Snakes
Indian Crocodile
A Crocodile in Kaveri River

Tiger at Patna Zoo
Patna Zoo, Bihar
Picture of a Bengal Tiger
Indian Crows
Crows with Carrion

Lions on a Walk
Bangalore, 1982
Bannerghatta Lion Safari
Kamat`s Insects
Portrait of a Cockroach
Bangalore, 1982

Bengal Tiger in Mysore Zoo
Mysore, 1986
The Bengal Tiger
Tigers of India
Tiger in Mysore Zoo
Year 1986, Mysore

Kamat's Study of Insects
Kamat`s Insects
Kamat`s Animals
Rhinoceros in Mysore Zoo
Mysore, 1985

Nandan (Soyiro) Prabhu
Prabhu is co-owner of Tulasi Pharma in Honavar, 2009
Phamacist Nandan Prabhu


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