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Carved Ventilators
Indian Design Elements
Design from Ajanta

Profile of a Indian Woman
Pictures of Indian Women
Pumpkin Hat
Man in Pumpkin hat

Indian Woman Hand-washing the Clothes
Woman Handwashing Clothes
Women of India
A Woman Belonging to Halakki Tribe

Himalayan Labourers, Himachal Pradesh
Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Himalayan Laborors Carrying Hay
Konkani Muslims
Hearty Smile of a Nawayati Muslim Lady
Village of Herangadi, Uttara Kannada

Lord Indra Riding His Eight Trunked Elephant, Airavat
Jaina mural, Shravanabelagola, 19th century
Mysore Traditional Painting
Konkani Brahmin Priest
Brahman Priest, Goa

Snake charmer, sculpture from Bhatkal temple
Circa 14th century
Snake Charmer
Royal Jewels
The jewelry of Mysore Maharaja
Federal authorities seized them from being smuggled outside the country in 1989 when these were photographed.

The jewelry of kings of Mysore
Royal Jewels
Royal Jewels
The jewelry of Mysore Maharaja golden bangles

A Temple Relief with Erotic Scenes
Detail from Khajuraho temple, Central India
Ancient Erotica
Mythology in Murals
Mural from Sira, 1800 A.D.

Indian Cloth Label Print
The label is stamped The Jayanti Mills Ltd. Virangam
Indian Bazar Graphics
Bamboo in Indian Culture
Bamboos and Boats

Boy does complicated Yoga position
Vrischikasana Yoga Position
Extreme Yoga
Lofos of Ancient India
Varaha -- the logo of the Vijayanagar kings

The Rock Formations of Yana
Bhairaveshwara Shikhara, Yana , Uttara Kannada
The Beauty of Yana
Modern Indian Writers
R.K. Narayan is one of the foremost Indian writers
Portrait hand-colored by K.L.Kamat

Youngsters gathered for a game of Cricket
Somewhere in India
Floral Rangoli Designs
Tree with blooming flowers -- Rangoli design

Rangoli in front of a Place of Worship
Rangoli Designs
Deepavali Rangoli
Burning lamp design for Deepavali

Competitors and Friends
Photograph shows two young vegetable vendors bonding
Friendship Pictures
Street Kids at Play
An Urchin at the "Gentleman's Game"
Love of Cricket in India spans age, classes, and caste barriers

Vision of Krishna's Totality
Rangoli art by Tribhak Joshi
Lord Krishna Shows Himself
Kavi Art
Geometrical designs

Superimposed Photographs
Accidental Art
Indian Design Themes
Details of Plants and Animal on "Apurva" saree.

Cones, Fruits and Flower Designs
Detail from a Indian Sari
Indian Designs
Border Design of India
A Border Design
Detail from a shawl, Karnataka

Floral Designs
Hand-looming trade has long been a patron of floral designs and patterns
Woven Flowers on Cloth
Indian Kitchens
Inside a Medieval Kitchen
Mixing to prepare a milk product, Hoysala period

A Pair of Doors at Gumbaz Palace
A carved door of the Gumbaz at Srirangapattana.
Gumbaz Palace Door
Graphic from Clothing
Clothing Advertisemnt from Calico Mills, Ahmedabad

Cricket in front of Crawford Hall, Mysore
Cricket in Mysore
Monument of Konarak
Wheel of the Sun Temple in Konark

Tribal Man, Madhya Pradesh
Hand Tinted Photos
Touched Photography
Tribal Woman, Madhya Pradesh

Sister Nivedita (1867-1911)
Sister Nivedita, was an Anglo-Irish social worker, author, teacher and disciple of Swami Vivekananda.
Outstanding Indian Women
The Floral Clock at Lal Bagh
The Floral Clock at Lal Bagh, Karnataka

Geometrical Pattern in a Hexagon
Rangoli Designs
Stencil Designs of India
Count the Monkeys!
Detail from a Kavi Art mural

Bracket slabs carved into beautiful maidens
Floral Design Themes
Faces of India
A Contended Konkani Housewife

Grandmother rolling 'Mande'
Inside a Konkani Kitchen
Cooking for a Wedding
Frying of 'Sathe'
A professional cook at work for a Konkani wedding

Woman Cutting Vegetables on a Stationary Knife (Adoli)
Inside a Konkani Kitchen
Inside ndian Kitchens
Konkani Girl Dressing the Vegetables
Notice the stationary knife held steady by her feet

Everyday in the Kitchen
It was a common scene to see more than one woman cook in joint family kitchens
Too Many Cooks ...
Indian Design Elements
Saree Design

The Wheel-Barrow Position
Erotica of Bhatkal Temple
Ganesh Festival
Boys during Ganesh Visarjana
Boys on their way to immerse the idol of Ganeh in a lake

The Sunset
Kamat`s Clouds
Clouds Over India
Ripe and Heavy
Dark cloud of Monsoon about to fall off the sky...

Ganesh Being Carried to Visarjan (disposal) in a Truck
Ganesh Festival Celebration in Bangalore
Ganesh Visarjan
Indian Saree Quilts
Kappe Quilt Maker
Woman making soft quilt by stitching used sarees.

Boys Assisting in Electioneering, Bangalore
Volunteers of Bharatiya Janata Party, 1999
Campaign Workers
Furniture Art
Hexagonal Seat
Painted wooden art of Kinnala

Sugarcane Fields on the Banks of Sharavati River
At the background are the coconut trees
Sugarcane Fields
The Unchalli Waterfalls
Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka

Man with a Hat Made with Coconut Sheathe
A Koraga (untouchable) youngster from South Kanara
Coconut Sheathe Cap
The Solar Eclipse
Snake Devours Sun to Create Solar Eclipse
Detail from a stone sculpture, Town of Nagar near Shimoga

The Matsya Chakra - Wheel Decorated with Fish Sculpture
Badami Sculpture
The Matsyayantra
Professional Cook
A Professional Brahmin Cook at Work
Picture of Shinmam the cook, Honavar

Tulasi Decoration and Worship
The Town of Mulki, Karnataka, 1984
Tulasi Worship
Cooking with Coconuts
Grating of the Coconut
An elderly Indian woman scrapes the coconut sheathe

Carved Gate, Mumbai
Doors and Windows of India
A Picture is a Thousand Words
Farmer at Aghnashini
Notice his hair-cut, his loin cloth (kaupina) and his hiding of merchandise so it won't be pictured. Also Ashanashini river in the background.

Election Campaigner, Jobnair
Election Fever in India
Grilled Marble Windows
Rajasthani Grillwork

Decorated Entrance to Palace, Rajasthan
Rambag Palace, Rajasthan
Palace Entrance
Waiting to Vote
Women Lined up to Vote
Rajasthan, Circa 1967

How to dry saree while travelling
Photograph shows female devotees drying their saree as they walk towards Nagadwara on pilgrimage.
Where there is a way, there`s a trick

Tattoo of a Tribal Woman
Illustration by Artist Jha at the Tribal Museum, Chindwada

Community Cooking for an Auspicious Occasion
Girls and women joining hands to prepare for a large cooking event.
Helping Hands
The Monsoons
The Indian Monsoon
Picture of a lady with umbrella

Patel's Wife, Village of Bhanker
Bastar District, Madhya Pradesh, 1976
First Lady of Bhanker
Ganapati Visarjan
Boys Taking an Idol of Ganesh for Immersing
The village of Chandarpur, 1976

Cascaded Arches, The Village of Mandu
Inside the Mosque of Mandu
Arches of Mandu
Palanquin Bearers
Modern Painting by M.F. Husain
European lady visiting India in a palaquin

Three in One!
Girls sharing an umbrella
On a Rainy Day

Group Photo of a Gramokkal Village Kids

Clouds Over India
Black Clouds of Monsoon

Clouds Over India

The Family Vehicle
Notice the protection to the bullock cart to prevent the children from falling
20th Century Families
Boy at Homework
Indian Boy Studying
Many Indian homes do not have a desk or table, and it is common to study on the floor. Bangalore, 1980

Family Members of a Coppersmith Family, Herangadi
Members of the Dalji community in Herangadi village near Honavar

Man Feeds the Fields in Hoogoppalu
The Ritual of Feeding Grains to Plants is Practiced in Malnad Region of Karnataka

Members of a Family Cleaning Jackfruit
Photograph shows members of a joint family engaged in cleaning a giant jackfruit
Joint Family Scene
Mirror Sharing
Sharing of the Mirror
Three sisters getting ready simultaneouly by sharing a mirror

Sanitizing the Tools

Geometrical Designs of Palm Leaf

Lady Giving Alms at the Temple
Painting by Raja Ravi Varma. Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery, Mysore
The Giving Hand
Anjali Saree Catalog
Model of Anjali Saree Company
Pictures from a Saree Catalog

A Model for Indian Drape (saree)
Picture from a saree catalog
Saree Model
Double Exposed Film
The Mystery Picture


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