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Apastambha (2nd century B.C.) Ancient Indian mathematician who experimented with equations to design sacrificial altars
Ayurveda Ancient Indian method of medicine finding it's roots in the Vedas
Baudhayana (apprx 800 B.C.) Ancient mathematician who laid down rules of measurement in his masterpiece Sulva Sutra, which also deals with irrational numbers
Brahmagupta (598 A.D.-660 A.D.) Ancient mathematician who worked with indeterminate equations (Varga Prakriti)
Chanakya (3rd century B.C) also known as Kautilya, author of Artha Shastra, an ancient text on administration of Government and Economics. He was Chandragupta Maurya's prime minister [more]
Dhanurveda Ancient Indian military science
Gandhara An ancient kingdom of India, roughly corresponding to present day Khandahar in Afghanistan. Gandhari, a queen of Mahabharat was a pricess from Gandhar.; Also name of an important school of Indian art that florished during the Kushanas.
Gandharvavdea Ancient Indian musical system
Gayatri Mantram Ancient Vedic prayer (about 5000 years old) that is recited by Brahmins during the Sandhyavana prayer [more]
Harappa Ancient archaeological site uncovering a lost civilization.
Indology The field of academic study of ancient and medieval India
jyotisha Ancient Indian astronomy; a practitioner is a Jyotishi
Kama Sensuous love, emotional feeling of attachment. In ancient Indian thought is recognized as the stimulus of action and personified as the god of erotic love.
Kosala Ancient kingdom in North India said to have ruled by king Dasharatha
Magadha An ancient kingdom of India, founded in apprx. 3rd century B.C.
Mithila An ancient kingdom in India. At the time of Ramayana, it was ruled by king Janaka.
Nalanda Name of the famous ancient unversity in ancient India that attracted scholars from far east Asia.
Natyashastra Ancient treatise on acting and dancing written by sage Bharata Muni.
Panini Ancient Sanskit scholar of India who wrote Astadhyayi.
Patanjali (1300 B.C.) Ancient Indian astronomer who studied space and identified the Northstar (Dhruva)
Prakrit Ancient Indian Language of the Vedas
Puranas Ancient religious texts of Hinduism
Sanskrit Ancient Indian Language of Bhagavad-Gita and many other sacred texts of Hindus
Sushruta Author of an ancient medical text
Swayamvara Ancient Indian custom of wedding where the bride chose a man through a contest
Upanishads Sacred texts of Hinduism created by ancient sages after deep studies of life and metaphysics.
Varahamita Ancient Indian astronomer
Vedas Ancient Hindu texts believed to be of divine origin. There are four Vedas: Rigveda, Samaveda,Yajurveda, and Atharvanaveda
Vidarbha An ancient kingdom of India, roughly falling in the state of Maharashtra of today.
Vidisha An ancient city in central India.
Vyasa Ancient Indian sage and writer of the epic Mahabharata; son of Parasar and Satyavati
Yajna Sacrifice or sacrificial rite. In the ancient Vedic fire cult, the purpose of sacrifice was to ensure the well-being of the individual and the community by maintaining a ritual relation to the gods.


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