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Abhimanyu Brave son of Arjuna who fought and died in the war of Mahabharata
Amba A character from Hindu epic of Mahabharata, she is transformed into Shikhandi, a male but impotent warrior
Ambika Wife of Vichitravirya of Mahabharata' sister of Amba and Ambalika
Arjuna Son of Kunti and Pandu by the blessings of Indra; a great archer in Mahabharat; initiator of the great preaching of Lord Krishna [more]
Babhruvahana A prince from Mahabharat epic, son of Arjuna and Chitrangada
Bakasura The crane demon from Mahabharat epic; Bhima kills him and saves the village; a demon with a great appetite
Bhishma Son of Shantanu and the river Ganga; his oath of celibacy in Mahabharat is well known [more]
Draupadi Daughter of king Drupada and common wife of the Pandavas in the Mahabharata epic [more]
Drona A brahmin teacher from Mahabharata epic who taught weaponry and warfare to the royalty at Hastinapur; father of Ashwathama
Drupada King of Panchala kingdom; parent of Draupadi of Mahabharat; childhood friend of Drona and father of Shikhandi
Duryodhana The eldest of the Kouravas and fought the great Mahabharat war with the cousins, the Pandavas
Dushasana Second son of Dhritarashra and Gandhari of the 101 children; humilated Draupadi in a court and was killed by Bheema in the Mahabharat war.
Dwaparayuga The third era according to Hindu mythologies; the war of Mahabharata is said to have taken place in this period
Ekalavya A devoted student in the story of Mahabharata
Gandeeva The weapon of choice belonging to warrior Arjuna in the Mahabharata war
Gandhara An ancient kingdom of India, roughly corresponding to present day Khandahar in Afghanistan. Gandhari, a queen of Mahabharat was a pricess from Gandhar.; Also name of an important school of Indian art that florished during the Kushanas.
Hastinapur The capital of Kuru kingdom; the war of Mahabharat takes place in question to who is heir to Hastinapur
Hindimba A cannibal demon in the story of Mahabharat; brother of Hidimba who eventually married Bhima and bore Ghatotkacha.
Jayadratha King of Sindhu kingdom during Mahabharata; son-in-law of Dhritarashtra
Karna Son of Surya and Kunti out of wedlock and raised as a charioteer; the tragic hero of Mahabharata epic
Kripacharya A brahmin of Hastinapur and teacher to the first warrior family of Mahabharat
Krishna One of the most popular avatar of Lord Vishnu. Hero of Mahabharat epic, around whom many legends are woven.
Kurukshetra The battlefield for the great war of Mahabharat; present day Ambala in the state of Haryana
Mahabharat The epic story of Hindus featuring the Pandavas, the Kauravas, Krishna and the war of Kurukshetra, written by sage-poet Vyasa.
Pandavas Half-brothers Yudhishtira, Bheema, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sahadeva all children of Kunti are referred to as Pandavas in Mahabharata
Parashuram The avatar of Vishnu as the angry Brahman with an axe; teacher to stalwarts like Drona and Bhishma of Mahabharat
Razm Nama Persian translation of the Mahabharata made at the command of Akbar in the 16th Century
Satyaki (a.k.a. Yayudhana) A Yadava leader in the story of Mahabharat; a relative of Krishna;
Shalya a king from Mahabharata; father of Madri
Uttara The North pole; also a character from Mahabharat -- the cowardly son of king Virata
Vaishampayana A sage, and a pupil of Vyasa who recited the story of Mahabharat at a sacrifice held by Janamejaya.
Vyasa Ancient Indian sage and writer of the epic Mahabharata; son of Parasar and Satyavati
Yuyutsu A son of Dhitarashtra who supported the Pandavas in the Mahabharata war; king of Indraprastha


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